In Case Of Monster, Break Glass: Monster Survival Kits


Anti-Monster gear for every occasion! ¬†Except Cthulu. There’s no Cthulu. Although I expect a 20-foot harpoon would be hard to stuff in a portable monster defense kit.

These awesome ‘In Case Of’ boxes come in Zombie, Vampire, Werewolf and Exorcism flavors.

Here is what each $200 kit includes:

The Zombie Outbreak emergency cabinet includes:

  • 12 gauge short barrel shotgun
  • Hunting knife with belt sheath
  • Hand grenade
  • Zombie outbreak field handbook
  • 10 x shot gun shells box
  • 4 x shot gun shells on leather belt holder
  • Emergency hammer

The Vampire Outbreak emergency cabinet includes:

  • 2 x vampire stakes
  • Heavy duty stake hammer
  • Large metal cross
  • Holy water container
  • 3 x garlic heads
  • Vampire survival guide
  • Small protective cross

The Werewolves (Lycanthrope) emergency cabinet includes:

  • Navy caplock musket equipped with silver bayonet
  • 6 x silver bullets on stand
  • Black powder flask
  • Pouch containing silver bullets, wadding and percussion caps
  • Werewolf handbook

The Exorcism emergency cabinet includes:

  • Large cross
  • Blessed protective cross
  • Holy water container
  • Bible
  • Stole
  • Sacred scroll of abolishment
  • 10′ of constraining rope





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