The Browser game that will have you Glued to the Laptop

From the creators of comes a mass multiplayer browser game known as This new .io game takes the concept of to new heights. You play as a small boxy cat walking around the map collecting gems to power up. The game is hosted on four servers, two for the United States, one for Europe and one for Asia.

On the main selection page, you can choose your server and assign your character a name. Press YARRRR! To play. While playing the game, you have to protect your character is back from rivals as they can take out a chunk of making you smaller or consume you whole ending the game.

The game starts with the level having a green ground cover. The map lets you know how close you are to the edge as you can’t go past it. All the characters are adorable cats in different colors and of different sizes. The gems are a dash of color all over the map. As a player approaches your character from the back, you can see their character’s mouth opening to take a bite out of you. Most of the time your character will be walking around with a smile on their face with you smirking along to it.



The player’s point of view is an aerial shot of the level. Gems are scattered all over the map which players have to collect for points and experience allowing them to level up. The left top hand corner displays your character’s name, level and score. On the bottom right is a level map essentially a square divided into four quadrants. The map displays you’re a character in white, other players in yellow and high-level players as red.


The goal of the game is to collect enough points and grow to a size where you can dominate the entire map. As you progress through the game, you unlock skills first to defend against bigger players and later on to attack other players. To ensure your survival don’t let a rival get behind you. Running into a player of any size face first will cause you two to bounce off each other. However, getting behind a player allows your character to take out a portion of their size or consume them completely.


game team

In, your character moves in the direction of your mouse cursor. Keep the cursor within the game frame and simply shifting it will change your character’s direction. The skills you unlock and equip are assigned to the Q, W, and E keys.

Point System

One of the main objectives of the game is to collect gems to unlock levels and power up. Run around the map collecting gems and as you grow larger the easier it will become to grab more gems.


As you collect points and grow through the ranks, different skills can be unlocked. The first four are Sprint, Lunge, Agility, and Spit. Later on the game, you can unlock abilities to fly, stalk players unseen and even hide under the ground.

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