Botanium Hydroponic and Automatic Indoor Gardening Pot Review

Botanium is a hydroponic and automatic indoor gardening pot that can be kept anywhere in your home. If you are tired of seeing your indoor plants die with dehydration, you should consider learning about this self-watering planter that lets your plant grow automatically. You can now go on holiday without worrying about your indoor plants. Most people let their plants die or keep them with a caretaker until they return from a holiday or a trip. With Botanium, you don’t have to worry about any of that.


This product is created for people who love gardening but stay in an urban area where it is not possible to grow a full-fledged nursery. Botanium’s indoor gardening pot does not even need soil. And don’t get me wrong. Botanimun is not just for non-edible plants. You can also grow edible plants like Basel, Thyme, or Mint. Moreover, larger plants like Tomatoes, Chilli and other vegetables can also be easily and hygienically cultivated using Botanium hydroponic and automatic indoor gardening pot.

Botanium is a Swedish company founded in 2016 by a group of designers and engineers who wanted to create products that will allow urban people to grow their own food in their homes. This startup got funded on Kickstarter by 1420 backers from all over the globe. The idea was so great that they didn’t even have to pitch it to investors. In their first year, they sold about 2500 units of hydroponic and automatic indoor gardening pots.

What is a growing medium?


Growing medium is porous material provided within the package which is used as a substitute for soil. It is made from a synthetic material and has an enormous capacity to absorb and retain water. It is also porous, which makes it easy for the roots to maneuver through it. Once you add the growing medium you do not have to worry about changing it until you decide to grow a new plant in the same pot.

What I like about Botanium hydroponic and automatic indoor gardening pot

Growing a plant in a home is usually quite messy and requires a lot of maintenance. In fact, this is what keeps people from growing their own food in their home. Who wants to deal with the mess? Botanium comes with two bottles of nutrients that provide all the nourishment your plant will need. You just have to add 4 pipettes of nutrients in the tap water and you are good to go.

What I don’t like about Botanium hydroponic and automatic indoor gardening pot

To grow a plant with Botanium, you do need to add nutrients in it. You will be receiving two bottles of it along with the product but once you are done with those, you will have to order a few more bottles for about $8 each. This may not be very expensive for some people but it does make this product dependent on the nutrients. Moreover, the growing medium(stoney substance to grow plants in) is also perishable. It is available for $5 a box. So, these a few things I dislike about this product and I wish they improve upon them in the future. Apart from that, it’s a fantastic product.

My recommendation


Hydroponic is a system of growing plants without the need for soil. This system is currently being implemented in the larger outdoor gardens but Botanium is the first company who created it for people like you and me. I definitely recommend Botanium to anyone who stays in an apartment building and still wants to grow their own food or just wants an aesthetically pleasing plant in their home. Imagine the money you save on groceries after a year. Plus, you will be consuming 100% organic pesticide-free food.


Botanium hydroponic and automatic indoor gardening pot is available online and is priced at $78.40. You can save some more money by purchasing a pack of two at $123.86.

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