How to Boost Sexual Stamina

boost stamina

Do you know how long your intercourse should last? According to a study published by Esquire, a normative intercourse can lasts anywhere between 3 to 13 minutes, excluding foreplay, female orgasm, etc. It can be easily extended to 7 to 13 minutes. In fact, intercourse that extends between 10 to 30 minutes is considered “too long” by sex therapists. However, when it comes to having sex with the love of your life, nothing is too long.

An article published by Cosmopolitan mentioned a study of 4,400 individuals belonging to opposite-sex couples, which revealed that the average time for which sex lasted was 19 minutes, of which 10 minutes were spent on foreplay and the remaining on penetrative sex. The desire for more is well understood by the fact that of these participants, 23% men and 19% women expressed their wish for sexual intercourse to have lasted longer.

Experts at Leading Male Enhancement, in their High T Black reviews, stated that there are various reasons for decreased physical endurance during sex. Any medical illness that can drain your energy levels decreases your sexual stamina too, as does depression, which reduces a man’s testosterone levels.Drug abuse, unhealthy lifestyle, self confidence issues, lack of concentration and having a negative self-image during sex have all so been implicated as the major causes of reduced sexual stamina. However, a testosterone booster supplement like High T Black can help improve a man’s stamina in bed.

Tips to Improve Sexual Stamina

  • Regular Exercise: Who wouldn’t like to be as fit as a fiddle when having sex? Regular exercise not only gives you a good physique, which adds to your sexual attractiveness, but makes you flexible enough to be able to try various sex positions and also improves your stamina to carry on for longer. Do incorporate squats, lunges and Kegel exercises for stronger lower body muscles during your workout session.
  • Healthy Diet: A well balanced diet, which includes whole grains, fruits and vegetables should be a regular part of your daily diet if you want to perform like a pro at night. Regular consumption of protein, in the form of egg whites, skimmed milk, fish and meats will provide your body the essential amino acids required for proper functioning. Make sure you do not eat a heavy meal before sex, since it will make you feel lethargic and drowsy.
  • Do Not Hurry: Sex is not a race, where you have to reach the end point before the others. It is an expression of love. So, take things slow and try different ways to stimulate each other and have deep penetrative sex. Remember that it is the foreplay that leads to passionate sex. Invest a good amount of time in kissing, hugging, use of sex toys, pillow talk, caressing her body parts, etc. Approaching things slow will improve your stamina to enjoy sex for longer.
  • Keep Experimenting: The idea of sustaining stamina for longer also means with holding ejaculation for longer. For men that have a problem with this there is a premature ejaculation cream that can help. In addition, whenever you feel that you are about to have an orgasm, change your position to a new one or shift to oral sex. Other than avoiding premature ejaculation, this will also avoid cramps by stretching your leg and hand muscles.

Use testosterone booster supplements like High T Black, the positive reviews for which say that it can help increase libido and stamina. The sex pill contains all natural ingredients, which do not lead to harmful side effects while naturally aiding testosterone production and increasing overall sexual drive and desire. Learn more about the dosage before giving it a try.

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