Bookworms Everywhere Weep For The Current Generation

According to a recent Nielson Books study, electronics are beating out books in terms of what keeps our current generation busy, and this makes us sad.

Child Activities

According to the Nielson Books study, children ages 0 – 17 years (we’re not so sure about the 0) have an 8% increase in the amount of time they dedicate to electronic activities as opposed to reading. Fear not though, because the study also notes that while reading is being overshadowed for many children, it is still quite a popular activity for many. The study finds that 32% of children do read daily making it the second most popular activity under (you guessed it) watching television.

So what does this study mean if reading is still a popular activity? The study is still important because it marks what could be the beginning of a trend that will set bookworms everywhere weeping. The numbers show that occasional readers are declining and rapidly being replaced by electronics based activities instead. Certainly this is just one study among many, but it still indicates that parents need to cut the cords as it were and encourage a little more learning unplugged.

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