Blaser Tag: Robots And Humans Go Head To Head In a Laser Tag Showdown

Blaser Tag

Old fashioned Laser Tag was fun and everything, but it never included robots – much to my dismay. Fortunately, the folks at HotProceed have remedied the situation with their new Blaser Tag System.

The game is simple: each manually controlled robot has a laser and a sensor – if you get shot first, it will trigger a pre-programmed routine and your robot will fall down. But fear not – after a few seconds it will get back up and you can continue playing. Just don’t get hit more than 3-5 times because your robot will think it is dead and the game will end.

HotProcceed is planning on releasing the Blaser Tag System in Japan this November (dammit!). They are also interested in exploring overseas markets (awesome). Check out the link below to see Blaser Tag for yourself. � Sean Fallon


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