Biodegradable Cutlery Is Just A Little Bit Weird…

When it comes to going green, people are always doing their very best to take things in a new and more eco-friendly direction. For Qiyun Deng that means making the cutlery you eat with more Earth friendly…


Biodegradable Cutlery

Qiyun Deng, a student at École cantonale d’art de Lausanne has created biodegradable cutlery using PLA. PLA or Polylactic acid is a material most commonly derived from vegetable fats, oils, or starches and turns the cutlery you eat with in to compost fodder.

These vegetable shaped knives, forks and spoons have yet to be made a reality but Deng hopes that they can become a biodegradable alternative to plastic cutlery. Over time, Deng’s cutlery invention would degrade and break down rather than continue to sit around until the end of time.

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