What are the best ways to boost your Wireless Connection Speed?

What are the best ways to boost your Wireless Connection Speed?

If you’ve invested in what you believe to be a reliable wireless connection then is can be very frustrating when you have problems with your connection speed. This is especially the case when you are watching video online, or when you are in the middle of a Skype meeting.

It has to be said that wireless speeds are going to vary depending on the amount of people using the wireless facility and sometimes on external factors, such as weather conditions. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with slower connection speeds through; there are steps you can take to maximize the potential of your wireless Internet. You can learn more about the Brisbane NBN rollout at iiNet & find out when it will be available in your area.

Position your router in the optimum place

If you think about it a signal is not going to travel very well through solid objects so the closer your router is to the device you are using the better. Try to make the space between as limited as possible and if you can avoid the signal having to travel around obstacles then you should find that your connection speed improves greatly.

Think about whether you need to use a device wirelessly

Your wireless signal is shared between all of the devices you are using wirelessly; this being the case it stands to reason that the less devices you are using the better the speed will be. Don’t forget that just because a device has wireless capabilities doesn’t mean you have to use them. It’s perfectly possible for you to use a printer via a wired connection, and it’s a sensible option if you want to maintain a good level of speed as you navigate the Internet on your laptop.

Select the best channel

Wireless routers are supported by wireless channels with each channel supporting several routers. If all of these routers are working at the same time then the overall connection speed is obviously going to be adversely affected. In order to get the best speed possible it’s a good idea to check for the best channel to use.

Before you change channel check what your signal strength is on the current channel. You will need this information in order to make comparisons when you make changes to the channel. You should then try several different channel settings throughout the range to enable you to see the full picture as to where you can get the best signal and improved speed.

How much effect can you actually have?

If the speed of your wireless Internet is being affected by situations outside of your control, such as adverse weather conditions, then you are probably going to have to wait the situation out. On the other hand, under normal circumstances, you can actually make a big difference by optimizing the position of your wireless router, taking time to select the best channel to support your router and minimizing the amount of use you make of your wireless provision. You’ll be amazed at the improvement you could potentially see.

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