30 Best Tech Gifts for Women that She’ll Love this Summer

One of the hardest things that men can do is to buy a good gift for that special woman in their life. Whether it is your mother, wife, girlfriend or sister, men often get stumped when it comes to what to buy them. Men who have women who are into technology tend to find it a lot harder because they have limited budgets and don’t know what techie gift they can wrap up for that special someone.

Guest author Conrad Brennan has compiled this great list of techie gifts for women after talking to numerous tech-friendly women who were very open with what they would like as a techie gift. 

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This list covers pretty much any budget. 

Whether you’re looking for something big that will really surprise your girlfriend or a special gift for your wife or a small token of appreciation for a female co-worker, you will find something on this list of top 30 best gifts for women this summer. Get to know Conrad Brennan.

1. PopSocket Grip

A PopSocket grip is a small attachment you affix to your smartphone to make it easier to carry around and use throughout the day. 

2. A smart herb garden

If you love fresh herbs but can’t get even weeds to grow in your garden, invest in a smart herb garden that does all the work for you. This can be a great way for your techie girlfriend to de-stress.

3. A desk pad

Like a mouse pad but covering your entire desk, a desk pad is not only functional but adds a bit of class to ordinary, drab office desks. If the woman in your life is into online casino games, this will also make a great gift.

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4. A bike phone mount

For active female bikers, a mount for one’s phone is a must-have accessory.

5. Powerbanks

With so many of us glued to our mobile devices every day, running out of power is a constant annoyance. Eliminate this possibility by gifting your female techie a high-capacity powerbank to ensure that their devices will always be ready to go—after a few minutes of charging, of course.

6. Wireless chargers

Wireless chargers are similar to powerbanks in function, but can also serve as a center piece of your shelves. 

7. Apple iPad

Still the gold standard for tablets, the iPad is a great tool for female techies who require more than a smartphone, but less than a full-fledged laptop.

8. Dyson Supersonic

The best salon-quality hair dryer you can buy, bar none. 

9. Smart jewelry

Smart jewelry combines tech with the age-old allure of precious gemstones. Outfitted with several smart features, smart bracelets and rings can serve different functions seamlessly.

10. Instant Camera

If you want to remember your photos, printing them is the easiest way to do so. We’re particularly partial to Polaroids, but any instant camera should suffice.

11. A smart alarm clock

Give your smartphone a break and get a dedicated alarm clock with numerous features to ensure you always wake up on the right side of the bed.

12. IVY Mobile Mini Phone Printer

Get instant copies of your best smartphone photos with this handy device. 

13. Apple AirTag

Stick an Apple AirTag to your keyring to make sure you never have to spend time searching for them ever again.

14. A home security camera

Safety is paramount, and having one of these at home means you’re never too far from getting help.

15. A smartwatch

If your female techie still hasn’t hopped aboard the smartwatch train, get them one.

16. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

These glasses minimize the negative impact of blue light from mobile devices. 

17. Nintendo Switch Lite

Probably the best mobile gaming console out right now, this is a sure-fire hit even among the most casual of gamers. 

18. Touchscreen-compatible gloves

These gloves help with the cold, while still allowing you to swipe and tap to your heart’s content.

19. Amazon Echo

If they don’t already have this, they will probably thank you forever for getting them an Amazon Echo.

20. Wireless earbuds

Probably the most convenient way of listening to music, these earbuds are a bit expensive, but make up for it in terms of ease of use. 

21. A smart mug

For coffee-lovers, this mug will keep your preferred beverage at an optimal temperature.

22. Headphones

For women earning money at the casino, a pair of great quality headphones are pretty much a must to keep all the annoyances at bay. A pair of Bang & Olufsen H4 headphones are a great choice.

23. A Kindle Paperwhite

For voracious ebook readers, a Kindle Paperwhite is about the best gift you can give. 

24. Bluetooth tracker

If your friend loses things regularly, consider buying them a Bluetooth tracker to make it easier to find them again. 

25. A smart light

If your friend loves light shows, get them something that brings that experience home. Produce your own shows at home that would be on par with the light shows the best casino in Canada has to offer.

26. A hybrid smartwatch 

For female techies who hate the smartwatch trend, consider smartwatches that retain the timeless appeal of classic watches.

27. Blunt Metro Travel Umbrella

This umbrella, available at Amazon, is probably the heaviest-duty consumer umbrella you can buy right now. 

28. A phone case

This is a great way of letting your female techie know that you understand their personal style. /

29. Google Nest Hub

A great choice for early risers, the Nest Hub is essentially a tablet with Google Assistant built in. Get your early morning info fix with this useful gadget. 

30. Smart dog collar

A smart dog collar adds GPS to the average collar to make it impossible to ever lose your favorite animal companion again.


We put together a great list of games that range from low budget to high budget items in order to give everyone a chance to find one or more gifts for the techie-friendly women in their lives.

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