Some Best Stereo Shelf Systems for Every Music Lover

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Robert Fripp has once said that music is that wine which fills the cup of silence. It is truly said and highly relatable. I don’t think there would be any soul on the planet who must not be loving music. I feel music connects and keeps up our soul in the place and you need music for re living. In the era of iTunes and having tonnes of music on phones and laptops, the stereo systems always ranks in the top position because of the music quality that it offers. To create the perfect ambiance and for the perfect settings, every music lover will always prefer having a stereo system in their home. Here are few of the best stereo shelf systems for every music lover.


When it is Sony the brand, you don’t have to worry about anything because it is hands down the best and totally trustworthy. It is very easy to set up this stereo system and it has a USB playback. The design is obviously super stylish because Sony pays a lot of attention to the style and appearance. It has an advanced two way speaker system with a powerful CD player. It is also cost effective. But the only problem is that it does not has a radio and a headphone jack.


This is a high powered stereo shelf system which has 350-watt system. It also has a radio and it supports both powerful AM and FM radio. It also has a powerful speaker system with a five CD changer. The cassette desk is also a high performer and it is built in the S master amplifier. The only difficulty with this is that it is comparatively tough to set up. Also, the users complain that the CD changer becomes fussy and has some random plays.

  1. SONY 120 WATT HI FI

One of the best stereo shelf systems is another one from Sony. The design of this stereo player is the best of all the trending stereo players you will come across. The design is totally versatile. It has a powerful MP3, bass boost technology, and a strong CD player. It has a professional grade FM radio. The lightning dock in this stereo system is advanced and effective. It also has a timer which is totally digital but there are short of cords. Also, it is not easily compatible with the US electrical systems.

  1. GPX HC221B

Another one in the list of best stereo shelf systems is this one from GPX. The full control of this stereo system is with the use of full battery power. It is also one of those systems which have advanced dynamic boost technology. The CD player involved in this is also very nice and performs really well. It also supports the AM/FM tuner and the only defect is that the sound quality is above average.

  1. ILIVE IHB603B

This is one of the most stylish stereo systems you can buy and satisfy your love for music. It looks gorgeous and also it does take up much of your room’s space. The best part is the LED colourful light effects. The Bluetooth technology which it supports is 2.1 and it has wonderful speakers which give the best sound quality. The cons which the system has are that the CD player is extremely fussy and sometimes difficult to operate.


This stereo shelf system also has advanced VU speaker system. The LED backlit display of the speaker system is also lit and super effective. It has a CD player which is extremely powerful and Bluetooth connectivity of the stereo system is highly responsive. It has nice control buttons and a low powered system which is of around 50 watts. The problems with this stereo system are that MP3 files cannot be played and the remote control for the device is flimsy.

These were some of the most effective best stereo shelf systems which every music lover must own. They are going to be your best purchases if you consider these stereo shelf systems. Let us know which one of the above mentioned stereo systems are your favourite.

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