Best Sites for Newbies in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a popular shooter in the MMO genre, where the player will go to the space world of the future to confront alien invaders.

Destiny has a whole system of classes and subclasses, a lot of mechanics for PVP and leveling, and an advanced farming and equipment mining system.

A beginner who just got into the game world can go headlong into the narrative and the shooter and not notice how the game will lead him from absolutely understandable content to the sandbox, where the player himself has to decide how to upgrade the character, where to get equipment and which subclass is best for his class.

In this case, it is better to read sites directly related to Destiny 2 in order to better understand the in-game aspects.

To help you understand the game:

  • Skycoach
  • Destiny 2 fandom
  • Bunjie forums


Skycoach is a service to help experienced players and beginners to better understand the game and get a lot of bonuses that will help increase the level of comfort in the selected game.

Selling Glitter

Glitter is the main currency in Destiny 2. There is never a lot of Glitter and Glitter is needed to buy weapons and equipment from other players, upgrade contracts to speed up leveling, and buy various additional ammo and materials.

You can purchase glosses in the quantity you need by coordinating the delivery time with the manager on the site and paying for the order.


Learning how to play one of the three characters is one of the best ways to better understand the game and approach PVP modes and difficult raids prepared. 

Trainer Skycoach teaches the basic mechanics of movement and shooting, suggests the best places to farm glitz and experience, helps with choosing a subclass according to the current meta, and explains the reason for choosing such a build. After mastering the basic concepts about the game and characters, there will be training and PVP content – Skycoach trainers will tell you how to use grenades correctly and what tactics to follow in the Trial of Osiris.

Destiny 2 Fandom

Fandom is one of the most famous sources of information about online games comparable to Wikipedia. There will not be many guides here, but you will find the most detailed descriptions of weapons and equipment, items and consumables.

When searching for a certain NPC in the fandom, you can find information about its location, quests that are associated with it, and read the full description with excerpts from the game lore and the role of the NPC in the Destiny 2 universe.

Before you exchange your weapons, or strive to get the legendary with the Trial of Osiris – take a look at the Fandom.

Here you will find a description of the weapon, its main characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, and you will be able to understand whether it is worth winning 7 times in a row and spending your time to earn this particular seasonal weapon.

Don’t forget to read all the information about upcoming updates that you can find. The future change to the Destiny 2 game world will become available to all players in February 2023, for which it is worth preparing in advance.

Players are waiting for a new system of subclasses and the addition of a new direction of character development – Stand.

In order to prepare in advance, you need to regularly read the patch notes and all the information about the upcoming update that appears, including on Fandom.

Benjie Forum

Each online MMO game has its own official forum, which is also monitored by the project developers.

On the forums, you can find opinions and discussions of players about many aspects of the game or create your own topic-question.

The main advantage of the forum is its self-moderation. All players who sit on such public sites watch most of the posts that are created by other players and rate them within the topic.

For example, by creating a poll for which class to play for a beginner, there will be an exchange of opinions, during which you can choose from several answer criteria:

  • Real Examples
  • Tips based on the opinion of the game with characters of a similar class.
  • Tips subject to future updates.

According to the statistics of the Bungee servers, the most popular class remains the Hunter – a ranged shooter with many chips that change the rules of combat. But this does not mean that you should follow the path of popularization. If you like to defend and have high armor and increased melee damage, then your way to the titans. If you like to deal strong magical damage, or heal allies in combination with firearms, then choose a warlock.

Bad and not true topics do not last long on large forums, and this is their huge plus.

Players quickly give ratings to the topic and the answers that newcomers receive in response to their questions, and moderators quickly close irrelevant and untruthful topics.

Feel free to ask questions yourself – you will be able to learn about grenade tactics, the best raids for farming, and weapons and ammo that are more relevant to your class now and will be in demand in the Lightfall update.

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