10 Best Monitor Arms for UltraWide Monitors

A monitor arm is a stand for holding computer monitors, laptops, or other displays. Monitor Mounts and Monitor Brackets are other general terms for this device. Monitor arms can work wonders by decreasing your back or neck pain and also reduces stress on eyes, as well as any similar discomfort. The ability to adjust the monitor brings a big difference in your day to day schedule of work or class. Along with multiple advantages, monitor arms make your desk look clean and aesthetic and hence, create a positive impact on your life.

Now, coming to UltraWide Monitors offers an enlarged display area and a larger desktop area, making it more suitable for multitasking. Moreover, it guarantees a reasonably powerful graphics processor. Apart from that, some ultrawide monitors might offer some more valuable features that provide better value for money.

What are the ten best monitor arms for ultrawide monitors?

WALI Dual LCD Monitor Stand

This is an excellent choice for people who want to find a monitor arm for two screens. You will find alternatives to installing monitors with screens up to 27 inches. With exceptional shape quality, you will also find an innovative and stylish look with a sleek design.

Basic Features:

  • You can assemble two monitors up to 27 inches, maximum support weight of up to 22 pounds per shoulder.
  • Two-stage locking system that includes a C-bracket and 4-grommet diameter. Both methods are compatible with 4-inch tables.
  • Stretch and pull high-quality arms, tilt and rotate 90 ° to change the reading angle, and rotate 360 ​​° from landscape to portrait mode.
  • Monitor’s arms are easily adjusted. You can work in a more comfortable and ergonomic position to reduce neck and eye strain.

VIVO Single LCD Monitor Stand

The VIVO Single LCD Monitor Stand is equipped with an aluminum gas spring. This is unique and easy to use. This monitor stand is better for broad monitor types.

Basic Features:

  • Mounting a single monitor for most 13 “to 27” and 22 pound screens with 75 x 75 mm rear mounting holes.
  • The adjustable frame offers 15 slopes, 360 turns, and height adjustments along the center column. The monitor can be positioned in landscape or portrait format.
  • Mount the back of your desk with the C-bracket.

Amazon Basics Premium Monitor Stand

The Amazon Basics Premium Monitor arm is extremely flexible. It is perfect for use on many monitors.

Basic Features:

  • Stand for a single monitor suitable for most screens from 13 to 30 inches and up to 9.9 kg.
  • 360-degree rotation for landscapes or portraits.
  • The horizontal shoulder rest can be adjusted from 7.9 to 14.2 inches.
  • Various moves; adjustable screen tilt from -15 to +85 degrees.
  • Easy adjustment with removable VESA plates; contains all the tools and hardware needed.
  • Made of durable steel.

Locteck Dual Monitor Arm

The unique design does your job well. It can hold 27-inch monitors in the desired position.

Basic features:

  • The arm can be easily adjusted to maintain an ergonomically correct workplace. Sit more comfortably at your desk and, at the same time, reduce tension in your neck, eyes, and back. Spread the monitor arm straight or pull back. Rotate the monitor in landscape or portrait mode.
  • The gas spring suspension system smoothly adjusts the height of the monitor.
  • The aerospace-grade aluminum frame has an elegant scratch-resistant surface. Both hands rotate 360 ​​degrees horizontally.
  • A cable management system arranges cables for neat tables.
  • VESA 75X75 / 100X100 suitable for most 10 ” – 27 ” monitors.
  • Durable hardware supports mounting brackets or slots.
  • Supports monitors with a weight of 3.3 to 11 pounds.

HUANUO Dual Monitor Bracket

This monitor arm is a real treat and the ideal choice for using your dual monitor style.

Basic features:

  • Die-cast aluminum construction makes this monitor stable. Integrated first-class gas springs guarantee durability and smooth height adjustment. Easily adjust the monitor to the desired height.
  • Height adjustable seat raises your monitor to an ergonomic height to ease your neck and allow you to work and play comfortably.
  • With this arrow in full motion, your monitor can rotate and tilt for optimal alignment and efficient operation. You can also adjust your monitor in landscape or portrait format.
  • Suitable for most LCD monitors/curvature LCD 17 “- 32”, and each arm can hold up to 17.6 pounds. The removable mounting plate is compatible with VESA 75x75mm and 100x100mm mounting holes.

Mount it! PC Monitor Wall Mount

Are you looking for a right wall mounting for a monitor? Then, this monitor arm is an excellent choice for you.

Basic features:

  • Universal mounting with VESA 75×75 and 100×100 mm screw models. 
  • The mounting is fit for many monitors from multiple brands such as Acer, or Dell, or any other brands.
  • Swivel arm which allows fixing the monitor according to convenience, wall extension, left / right rotation, and tilt. Position your monitor in an ideal position by inclining it whenever needed.
  • Required hardware includes different types of anchors and tools. VESA sliding plate for fast installation and new monitoring.
  • Hide unusual cables on the monitor arm for installations that look the entire setup more polished and tidy.
  • Weight capacity of the wall mount is from 4.4 lbs and up to 14.3 lbs. Tilt down, rotate 90 degrees to 180 degrees and also, turn the landscape.

Ergotech Freedom Arm

This is a decent, useful, and elegant monitor arm. The Ergotech Freedom Arm is ideal for high-performance ultra-wide monitors.

Ergotech Single Arm – Basic Features:

  • Ergotech’s single arm can be easily mounted on any standard desk, creating a nice work area, designed to withstand durable aluminum construction.
  • The integrated cable management system keeps the work area clean and efficient by wrapping loose cables.
  • Invest in your workspace at home without sacrificing productivity. Free up valuable space in your office or office from the home station.
  • Tilt 90 degrees, 45 degrees down, move 180 degrees and rotate 360 ​​degrees. Includes articulation arms + table bracket + 8-inch blades.

Ergotech Heavy Duty Freedom Arm – Basic Features:

  • Compatible with PC and iMac monitors with integrated VESA compatibility.
  • Includes articulated arm + table bracket + 8 “rod.
  • Monitor weight capacity: minimum 20 lbs / max 30.8 lbs
  • VESA compatible: 75 × 75 & 100 × 100
  • Maximum table thickness: 2.5 “
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Tilting: 90 ° up, down 45 °
  • Panorama: 180º, rotation: 360º
  • Height adjustment: up to 14 “
  • Full expansion range: 24 “

3M Monitor Arm for Table Mounting

With this hand on the monitor, you will find excellent options for commonality when changing monitors. You can tilt it to any edge when using your monitor.

Basic Features:

  • Save valuable desk space and place your monitor at a comfortable viewing height to reduce eye, back, and neck strain.
  • The adjustable arm moves slightly up and down in the height adjustment range of 12.4.
  • Hands also move in and out quickly to move the monitor when not in use or share your screen with others.
  • Simple installation is done with bracket and helmet fittings.
  • Clean internal cables for cable management under the arm.

Jestik Horizon Triple Monitor Mount

If you need to distribute three monitors simultaneously, you need to consider this monitor arm. It supports screen monitors up to 27 inches.

Basic features:

  • Supports three permanently mounted 15 “to 27” monitors. VESA compatible models 75x75mm and 100x100mm VESA can also be used with curved monitors. The space-saving design lights up and gives you more space to work or play.
  • Simply tilt and rotate your monitor, as it has a 360 ​​° rotation function. Hence, you can position the monitor exactly as you want. The transition from portrait to landscape format can be done quickly.
  • The three-seat monitor stands firm and level on your desk. You don’t need to think about unnecessary movements. It has a pole size longer 18 “.
  • Protected with an Anti-flex kit to ensure your monitor stays where you left it.
  • With an integrated cable management system, you get an unlimited organized space free from dangerous physical hazards.

Ergotron LX LCD Arm for Desktop Mounting

The Ergotron LX LCD desktop arm enhances visual comfort and manages the desk space perfectly.

Basic features:

  • A sturdy monitor arm provides flexibility and comfort in your work area. A simple screen adjustment offers 64-centimeter extension and 33-centimeter stroke.
  • Find the best display for each project on your task list with a 360-degree screen and rotation. Free up desk space with clean cable management.
  • Set the individual screens to 86.36 centimeters and 11.3 kilograms.
  • Includes an LX arm, extensions, table bracket, and device mounting and a 7-inch rod.

Advantages of using a Monitor Arm

The monitor stand or arm allows you to adjust the layout of your monitor, which has many benefits for your comfort, performance, and work habits.

  • Reduces Neck Stress:

We all spent hours at our table working on a project, which later results in massive neck pain. This inconvenience can be overcome by installing a monitor. By installing a monitor arm, you can adjust the height, angle, and depth of your monitor to your body’s most ergonomic position.

  • Reduces Eye Stress:

Looking at the screen can cause tired eyes – especially if the screen is too close or far from your position. Prevent eye strain by using a monitor arm and fix the screen at the right ergonomic place.

  • Efficient Work:

Employees like the arrangement with two monitors because they can spread their work on three screens. It’s easy for you to concentrate on your work – and more comfortable for you to navigate between different files while you work if you use a monitor arm.

  • Reduces Back Problem:

Sitting at a desk with your desktop in the wrong position can cause bad posture habits. Over time, sitting in the wrong place for an extended period can cause chronic back and joint problems that affect your health and mobility. If your monitor, table, and chair are ergonomically aligned, sitting in the correct body position is the most comfortable and natural – and you will immediately feel the benefits, with increased comfort and reduced tension.


Computers are an essential part of everyone’s life. Whether you are in your office or having fun at home in your free time, you regularly spend hours on your computer. For your optimal monitor position, you need a high-quality monitor arm. This is the perfect time to purchase one of the excellent ultra-widescreen monitor arms. This can help reduce tension in the neck, back, and eyes. The flexibility to adjust the monitor according to our position makes us feel much better.

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