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Apps have managed to make our lives easier in a lot of ways. They have made it more convenient for us to work, commute, shop for groceries, study, eat and even watch TV. These things can be very helpful, and their usefulness should not be underestimated. Apps can go a long way to help you in your daily life and you should take advantage of them as much and as often as you possibly can. If you’re a student and you own an iPhone, iPod or iPad, you have access to a market for app that’s practically endless. It offers apps for all sorts of purposes and if you know which ones are right for you, you can make your life as a student run just that much more smoothly.

A student’s life is not easy. You’ve got early wake up calls, late night study sessions, stressful cramming before exams and tightly packed schedules to stick to. With these iOS apps, you can make the whole process a little bit simpler.

  • Dragon Dictation

This app is super handy to have when you’re short of time and urgently need to make notes of your work. You can just dictate the words to your phone and have it take it down, and with accuracy that too. This advanced app can be a blessing when your fingers are cramped from writing.

  • iThoughts

Mind-mapping has been lauded as a great method to organize your studies in a way that’s neat and easily manageable. While studying, you should just generally make a habit of avoiding chaos and disorder, or things can get muddled up pretty quickly. The iThoughts app lets you mind-map digitally so you can always have access to your plans, set goals or schedules without have to waste your precious time over it.

  • BenchPrep

Textbooks can be very expensive and often getting your hands on the right material can burn a hole in your pocket. The BenchPrep app can be a great alternative to physical textbooks as it’s practically the most resourceful digital library for academic material in the world. It’s got preparatory material for all the major exams like LSAT, GMAT, MCAT and others, and you can have access to all of this through this app alone.

  • Clear

This app is another great one for maintaining order in your life. It helps you keep track of your workload and you can note how much you’ve managed to do, and how much you still have to left to accomplish.

  • StudyBuddy

StudyBuddy is the app version of your dutiful mother who never fails to remind you to get back to work and reminds you when your snack break ran on too long. This app takes note of all the breaks you take when you’re revising and gives you detailed reports on it so that you can improve your focus. It’s also handy for setting up alarms to notify you to get back to the books.

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