The Best Free Online Games To Feed Your Addiction

There aren’t many things in life that can give you the same satisfaction as enjoying a game you didn’t pay for. You may not cart away with any cash in the end, but the joy and satisfaction derived is always worthwhile. Free things are often not always the best, especially when it comes to online games. However, there are still a few of them that will always leave you smiling and satisfied. Below are the best free games that will definitely feed your addiction.

Cover Orange: Wild West

Whilst puzzle games rack the brain, they also offer a lot of fun. Cover Orange: Wild West allows you to feed your guts while trying to save your skin. You will get a taste of what it means to be a small and lonely orange in a dangerous place like the West. No doubt, it wouldn’t be easy. However, it’s definitely going to be fun. This is one free online game you can’t miss.


The Last Tango

The Last Tango is a rhythm based game that allows you to dance your way through danger as two spies. It is the perfect match for all those addicted to the biggest ballroom dance. Each move you make is performed to rhyme with the beat. Through the game, your spies will constantly have to overcome enemies and get past traps, with a pirouette and gun power. Their actions will also be predetermined by you. Interestingly, as the game progresses, the dance gets more complicated. No doubt, you will like every bit of this survival game.

Spin 2 Win

Spin 2 Win is another great free online game specially developed for those who play demo slots online and have a “thing” for casinos. However, instead of playing for real cash, you will be playing for Treats and also get to savour every moment while doing so. So, you spin a machine and gain points, the same is done by gamblers. If you ever decide you want to play free slots for real money, then it would be wise to start.

Spider Solitaire

If you love card games, why not try your luck online with free solitaire¬†games? When the word “solitaire” is used on its own, it often refers to the Klondike version. However, there are other fun versions that you can try out. One of these variations is Spider Solitaire, which removes the foundations and focuses all the building action on the tableau. The best part of playing free solitaire games is that you can use a gaming platform to connect with a worldwide community, where you’ll be able to find friends to play with and chat with other users online.

No doubt, Spider Solitaire will feed your addiction.


Are you tired of the boring free stuffs online that offer no real action? If so, then you are yet to come across the best. Yes, Kingdom is nothing less than the best when it comes to the top mind blowing action games you can play online for free. Mount your horse, ye King, and get ready to defend your tower. Only the toughest survive especially in the wilderness. Kingdom allows you exploit all means available to leave through ten nights. Everything about the games especially the sound, atmosphere and graphics is just so amazing.

There you have it! The best games to feed your guts with. Although, there are other great thrillers out there, the ones mentioned above should get you started.

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