Best Android Apps in May 2019

Android Apps are something that has become a necessity. Without Android apps, our smartphone is nothing. So why not use the best android apps available in the market? The availability of so many options sometimes causes confusion and problems. Moreover, there are many fake apps which generally contain a lot of ads and sometimes viruses too.

Android Apps

Therefore, to help you people, we have made a list of best Android apps of May 2019. As May is going to end, so you can use them until the end of June. And in June we will be back with some more super exciting Android apps. One thing that you must keep in mind is that any Android app you download must be optimized for your smartphone to work smoothly.


The name of this app suggests that it is an Android app which provides something for me. And yeah, that’s correct. AppsFree is a free Android app available over Play Store. It generally holds a list of paid apps which are sometimes available for free over Play Store. 

It is loaded with a lot of amazing features. It provides you an option of filtering through which you can choose the genre of the apps you are looking for.

Edge Mask

If you are bored by the stock user-interface of your Android phone, then you must try this app. Edge Mask comes loaded with a lot of features which helps you to customize the notifications styles. It has many styles to choose from.

It also includes notification styles of Samsung, Apple, big icon, ripple and many more. Apart from this, it also has the option of Edge lightning which can be generally seen in Samsung edge devices.


WiFiMan is one of the best Android Apps in May 2019. It can be easily accessed from Play Store. The main function of WiFiMan is to scan all the WiFi connections near you. Then it lets you know which particular Wi-Fi has the best signal strength and speed.

It also helps in telling you the Wi-Fi to which least people are connected. The user-interface of WiFiMan is quite simple and smooth, thus providing good user experience.


Creative is an Android app which is considered to be the junction of Wallpapers. Not only Wallpapers but also it has the feature of photo editing, frames, and ringtones too. The wallpapers packed within this Android are seriously amazing.

If you are looking for a place that can provide you minimalistic wallpapers and dope ringtones, then this app can be the ideal choice.

Daywise: Schedule Notifications

As the name of this suggests that it is an Android application made for scheduling notifications. If you have got frustrated clearing those annoying notifications, then this app can actually help you out. If you are continuously receiving notifications, then either you can remove that app or use Daywise.

Daywise helps you to choose the apps for which you want to receive the notifications. Moreover, you can set the priority of the notifications too. It is available for free over Play Store.

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