The Benefits of Online Cloud Storage

When it comes to email archiving and storage for your company’s documents, cloud storage is the latest trend that businesses are following for their needs. For added security and an increased level of efficiency and flexibility, cloud storage, provided by companies like Mimecast, is the future.

Online cloud storage has a multitude of benefits. The increased flexibility and efficiency will lower costs and the time consumed when your employees have to share or send important work documents. Make sure you consider both the functional and financial benefits of moving to the cloud.


A fixed expense

When you run your own internal company server to store all of your documents and your email system, you’ll find that its maintenance requires expenses for repairs and updates. With cloud services such as Mimecast, your company will only have to pay one monthly fixed expense, with all updates being taken care of by the cloud service.

A scalable service

You’ll be able to take some pressure off your IT department by signing up for cloud services. Your company will have the ability to scale and distribute its resources far more evenly, across however many users you have on your company system.

If your company is growing and the number of your employees or branches is increasing, it will cost extra capital to cater for new employees. With cloud storage, you’ll be able to serve far more users, all of whom can be allocated storage and an email account on an ad hoc basis without any problems.

No crashes or blackouts

Your IT department probably has to perform monthly diagnoses of your current system in order to install updates and security upgrades against the latest cyber threats. Email in itself requires a lot of downtime for the installing of patch software.

Usually, this means that there is so much work involved that an extra staff member is required to operate it, an email administrator for instance.  As your company grows and requires more storage space, your IT department will have more work cut out for them.

With cloud storage, you can count on the fact that there will be far fewer blackouts or downtimes. These will be the service provider’s responsibility, and if a blackout does occur, it will not be a thoroughly incapacitating one: the storage company will be able to partition separate areas of your subscribed cloud to carry out the tests necessary to get everything back online. This means that only a small portion of your user base will be affected.

It pays to do some research into how cloud storage can benefit your company. It’s definitely something worth looking into, particularly if your company is growing and your IT department is inundated with carrying out updates and creating extra space on your servers. Your company will be benefit functionally and financially from the cloud: it pays to stay ahead of the curve.

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