Benefits of SD-WAN

The software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is a fast, reliable and widely accessible technology adopted by a good number of companies as their primary connectivity solution. It helps route traffic to remote locations, including branch offices, and removes the burden of traffic management from physical devices. The SD-WAN supports multiple connection types, such as the Long-Term Evolution or LTE, High-speed fiber optics internet, Digital Subscriber Line or DSL broadband, Ethernet, and the Frame Relay WAN.


Infovista’s article on “What is SD-WAN” further explains the role of this network in technology today. SD-WAN has loads of benefits, some of which are explained below. 

1. Improved Business Agility and Scalability

SD-WAN routers can transfer the agile properties of cloud computing to enterprise networks and also combine the bandwidth of multiple WAN connections. Enterprises using this network can easily add or remove WAN connections where necessary, and the network also allows for additional customizations and security configurations. All these help improve user experience and also aid productivity for every enterprise. 

2. Increased Cost-efficiency and Savings

The increased cost-efficiency and savings are one of the top reasons why SD-WAN is constantly being adopted. Companies can subscribe to a more cost-efficient carrier network while using SD-WAN, and they can also easily leverage all available network connections. By doing this, they will have lesser worries over maintaining idle backup links. On the other hand, companies using MPLS networks could deploy both MPLS and broadband, to have a reduced cost and complexity of management.

3. Enhanced Security 

SD-WAN has improved security compared to the traditional WANs, as it encrypts WAN traffic while it moves from one location to another. It also segments the network to ensure there is reduced or no damage, should a breach occur. Network traffic is internalized in a closed-loop, which helps ensure that all security policies and measures are applied generally, across all networks, regardless of the geographical locations. This tightens security and reduces the risk of potential attacks. In addition, there is constant visibility into the amount and types of traffic on a network, which makes it easier to detect attacks.

4. Reliability and Performance

The reliability and performance of SD-WAN are top-notch, as companies using this network choose to order multiple internet links from a different provider. This helps ensure they have enough backup, should there be a link failure. SD-WAN also creates secure, high-performance connections with the internet, which helps in the effective delivery of applications via SaaS. It also successfully funnels traffic through the most reliable and fastest connections, ensuring you get the best and have little to no network issues.

5. Compatibility with VPNs and Various Services

SD-WAN is compatible with Virtual Private Networks and various third-party services that are integrated into your network. This enables the collection of data from these services in order to promote effectiveness and productivity in the company.


The benefits of SD-WAN shows how much of an investment it is to companies, due to its improved performance, security, scalability, ease of management, and the ability to integrate with existing MPLS networks.

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