Benefits of Choosing a Career as a University Access Degree

College degree

Short-term programs offered in Canada, also known as university access degrees allow you to enjoy the feeling of being at an academic campus that you have long been waiting for!

Not only will you become a college student who has access to all Canadian university facilities including the college’s library and computer labs, but you will also be immersed in campus life from day one and enjoy a full university experience with a bang. 

The combination of small class sizes, quality academic courses, and the caring nature of our college staff members, here in Canada, will provide you with the vital support you need to achieve a university qualification.

Studying at a Canadian campus will allow you to cherish that study abroad experience yet remain immersed in the course curriculum and feel grounded with the full university experience from day one!

Reading this blog will not only help you better choose a university access degree but also learn how this is the best possible pathway for your journey to a university degree and higher education.

Whom is this program crafted for? 

This is a fantastic course for students looking to transition their English skills or improve on their academic history.

Here are a couple of program features that help make your goal come alive:

  • English language support (university admission without a TOEFL or IELTS score);
  • Personal and academic advising;
  • Individual tutoring services;
  • University credits earned (to be added to your upcoming degree);
  • Guaranteed admission to an undergraduate program or selected master’s degree upon completion of the course;
  • Eligibility to handle all campus resources.

What can you learn from a university access degree?

This unique course inculcates in you the fundamental skills required for college-level study and enhances your chance of success at earning a university degree.

There’s more…

You get to choose your specialization at a very early stage of your career. Here are a couple of options:

Stream 1 – Business, Commerce, Communication, Arts, Arts (Psychology), and Creative Arts, Education, Media, International Studies, Journalism, Public Health, Social Science, Psychological Science, Sport or Sustainable Communities, and more. 

And, if you are inclined towards pursuing your career in the Science, Medicine, and Health field, then:

Stream 2 – Computer Science, Exercise Science, Business Information systems, Geography, Medical and Health Sciences, Nutrition Science, Information Technology, and related subjects.

Successful completion of a university access program will provide you with guaranteed entry to a variety of undergraduate degrees or Bachelor courses here in Canada.

These courses are often referred to as pathways that can help you enter into full-time professional degrees, as well as earn dual qualifications in any desired industrial sector. 

From Law, Nursing, Nutrition to education and training in dietetics, economics, or finance, select your pick.

Log on to our website to browse through a full list of university access degrees with pathways suited to your personal preference.

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