Being Put on Hold Drives you Crazy? Hang up and Tweet #HoldNoMore

Have you ever wondered, as you wait on hold for a representative to attend to your request, if there was any easier way to get your issue sorted without having to spend your time listening to the supposedly soothing hold music offered through the phone system?

If you are driven up the wall simply by being put on hold, well, you are not alone.

For hundreds of years, hordes of customers have had to put up with a particularly grating little doggerel of cheesy piano music played on an endless loop. Yet people, reluctantly, wait on a helpline knowing that having to stay on hold is one of the biggest time wasting bugbears.

After initial voting on which brand should “face the music” , the hold no more group took action and blasted their LA building “

The findings of a recent research report revealed that two airline carriers were by far the worst for keeping their customers hanging on the phone for a long period. Note that these are average waiting times. It gets worse much more if the actual hold times are considered. A person closely involved in the research said that he had seen hold times of over 2.5 hours. Now that is too much. And, customer service ratings figures supported that argument.

Come on, no one wants to be answered straight away. But making a caller hold on for more than 150 minutes is outrageous. What is worse is that, even after a fairly long wait, some calls seem to get cut off for no apparent reason.

And do companies even care about their customers having to wait for customer support? Apparently, they do not care. On paper, they aim to answer as many calls as quickly as possible and provide the best customer service to anyone who calls in. But, in reality, they just do not care about making a customer wait. It is all talk no action. If they did, they would probably puzzle over why customers are having to hang up on their phone for more than 30 minutes. As simple as that!

On hold jingles and other forms of ambient melodies have literally made people so numb that it is time to do something about it. has launched a movement against these corporate bullies who have absolutely no regard for their customers and their precious time whatsoever. Head on over to the site to check who they are and what they do. Spend some time watching the cool video on how they gave it back to AT&T, which is supposedly the pioneer of making-the-caller-wait-forever game.

So, what would you do if someone says those damned four words to you “please hold the line”? Hang up and go straight to twitter and tweet away your experiences using the hashtag #Holdnomore. Let us all join hands to remind the companies that it is time they did something about that Muzak music they have been playing all along. And, perhaps, the real issue!

Let us give them a taste of their own medicine. Let us all unite to make the companies face the music.

Let Your #HoldNoMore Voice Be Heard!

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