Being a Stoner is Better than Being a Drinker

Mental health

The discussion over the selection of the lesser of the two evils, Whiskey or Weed, has been going on for ages. Both assert an impact on human anatomy. There has been ample amount of research that has been done on the effects of alcohol on the human body, but the same cannot be said about the science of cannabis which is still unconvincing and has a lot of gaps in data. However, from the limited sources of information available for the latter, there seems to be a clear winner.

Weed v/s Alcohol

The human body suffers a lot from the regular consumption of both these substances, but in comparison, alcohol has much more severe impacts as compared to weed.

In a recently published study, many researchers took on the task of comparing the risks of drugs on the human body such as alcohol, cocaine, nicotine, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, opiates and marijuana — the results pointed to one conclusion. Alcohol was rated as the highest risk on all of the levels. Nicotine, cocaine, and opiates followed it. Marijuana was last on the list and was officially ranked as the least risky drug in the study. Now thanks to more and more countries that legalize the recreational use of it – yeah, I’m looking at you Canada, with your state-operated online stores like Cannabismo – the scientists can easily conduct their research without the state licence.

Health Impacts

As mentioned above, Weed and Alcohol both fall in the category of the ‘Unhealthy’. However, the side effects of one are more than the other. Let’s find out how Marijuana is ‘better’ for your health.


Marijuana is far less addictive when compared to the likes of Alcohol. Alcoholism is one of the biggest issues that an average adult might struggle within his life. Marijuana is mainly consumed by the population belonging to the younger bracket of teenagers and people in their early twenties, and the cases that suggest addictions are far less than in alcohol.


People hardly throw up or vomit after the consumption of weed. On the other hand, alcoholics regularly suffer from headaches, puking or any kind of achy feelings.

Stoners might feel a little down the day after, but it is much better when compared to the hangover after a night of drinking.


Stoners might experience a dry mouth, which is not too bad when compared to the dehydration an alcoholic suffers through. The loss of electrolytes and dehydration leads up to a horrible hangover the next day.


While alcoholics while falling asleep quickly after drinking, it is often a night of sleep with a lot of interruptions. One might end up waking up in the middle of the night and then feeling hungover. Stoners sleep much better than alcoholics. Alcohol also increases the chances of snoring.

•Weight Gain

While marijuana is known to induce the habit of “Munchies”- an increased appetite that will all of a sudden make one want to eat a lot. This leads up to consumption of a lot of calories in a short period. Even after this, it rarely relates directly to weight gain in stoners. On the other hand, Alcohol is directly related to weight gain as it stops your body from burning fat. A can of bear has 150 calories by itself, which again plays a role in weight gain.

•Immune System

Marijuana has various medicinal impacts, which is why it has been requested by people to legalise weed. Weed has benefits that include relief from pain and muscle spasm, anorexia etc. Alcohol weakens your immune system and might make your body more susceptible to diseases. It has a severe impact on your liver.

Social Impacts

Many people have admitted that it is better to be friends with a stoner than a drinker. There is a long list of people that acknowledge that it is much easier and fun to date someone who consumes Marijuana rather than Alcohol on a regular basis. Here are a few reasons that might be true:


Smoking weed or marijuana is far less expensive as compared to alcohol. A bottle of good quality wine is expensive. The same goes for a bottle of Scotch or Whiskey. Weed is much cheaper when compared to alcohol.


This is both a health and social benefit. Alcoholics may pass out very soon with an overdose of liquor which might end up into something worse, but weed doesn’t make you lose control of yourself, and you have enough control over your body to choose right from wrong.


Studies suggest that there is a direct co-relation between alcoholism and abuse. Alcoholics tend to be angry and disrespectful people who lose all sort of control over their actions and end up making everyone around them feel uncomfortable and horrible. Stoners have a pretty calm and chill attitude and are lost in their own world when high and mind their own business.


Alcohol has mental health impacts such as depression and anxiety, which makes a person feel more outcast from a group. Stoners are generally more laid back and relaxed. Another plus point is that stoners do not smell, while alcoholics do.

When it comes to picking one amongst Marijuana and Alcohol, one must definitely select something that is comparatively less harmful, i.e. Marijuana. While marijuana is still illegal in many places, it is a much safer drug when compared to alcohol. If your country has given legal status to Marijuana, you may get your stuff easily.

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