Barcodes in Hospitals

In these modern days, the advancement of barcode technology has created a wide range of new and creative uses of barcodes. Hospitals throughout the world have jumped on the bandwagon and have developed different ways to use barcodes to save lives in a hospital setting. Using barcodes in a hospital has proven to be revolutionary and has changed the way hospitals are run.


So how can barcodes be used in a hospital setting?  One of the many ways of using barcodes in a hospital is to use them to create a smooth and efficient check-in process for patients.  Each patient will be issued with a wristband with an individual barcode. This barcode will link the doctors and care professionals to all the information related to each individual patient.  This will include information such as name and age of the patient, what they have been admitted for, what medication they are on, what diet they need, any allergies, etc. Using barcodes in this manner ensures that all the care professionals have all the information they need in order to effectively treat each patient and avoid human error. In a hospital, human error can result in the death of a patient. Therefore, it is to be avoided at all costs. Barcodes have provided a very effective means to limit human error and create a much more smooth and safe experience for the patient as well as for the care professionals.

Another way that barcodes are used in hospitals is to regulate the Blood Bank.  The National Blood Bank stores blood from each different blood type.  It is crucial that blood of the correct blood type gets administered to each patient that needs it. Mistakes involving the wrong blood type can mean life or death. Utilizing barcodes to control this process has resulted in increasing the safety for patients and ensuring effective treatment.  It has literally saved lives.

Security in a hospital is a critical element in running a successful hospital.  Both patients and staff need to feel safe and protected. In addition, certain areas of the hospital are off limits to the general public. This is for their own safety. Barcodes South Africa have been used on key cards in order to regulate access to each area of a hospital. Only those with the authority to access certain areas of the hospital will be given key cards.  This ensures that the hospital is a safe and secure place for everyone involved.  

In order to be able to save lives and treat people effectively, hospitals need to have a huge amount of medication, food ingredients as well as equipment.  How can hospitals effectively control the use of equipment and the dispensing of medication? Barcodes SA have come in to save the day again.  By using barcodes on equipment, hospitals have been able to regulate exactly who gets to use the equipment, when they get to use it and for how long they get to use it.  This gives the hospital complete control and knowledge of where each piece of equipment is at all times.

In addition to this, using codes to dispense medication has given hospitals control over their stock levels. This serves a couple of purposes. Firstly, it limits the abuse of medication by staff or patients.  Only the medication prescribed for each patient is allowed to be dispensed and this is regulated by barcodes. Secondly, it also assists the hospital to keep the medication inventory well stocked by letting the hospital know when it is time to reorder certain medications.  

SA Barcodes is very excited about the role barcodes have played in saving people’s lives.  If you would like any more information about all the ways barcodes can make your life easier, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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