Avoid a Data Breach Scare with These Tips

The topic of cyber security has become mainstreamed ever since a rash of high-profile hacks has targeted multinational corporations and even prominent political parties. Pocket-sized smartphones powerful enough to connect us face-to-face with people around the world are everywhere, and we even make purchases on our phones now too.

While these devices are ubiquitous, it may be surprisingly rare to find anybody taking adequate steps to keep themselves and their data protected. This is especially true given the general atmosphere of heightened awareness of data breach threats.

data breach

It’s important to distinguish between cyber security threats and non-digital data breaches, but any security breach can lead to disastrous consequences for businesses and even private citizens. Here are a few ways that professional shredding services can keep you safe from data breach scares.

Secure, Convenient Paper Shredding

Whether you’re a business owner or just a private citizen, everybody generates paperwork that is extremely sensitive. It could be anything from tax information, bank records, or some other private data that identity thieves would love to obtain so they can drain your bank account.

If you have any of these old documents lying around your home, the safest thing you can do is get secure document and data destruction by having them professionally shredded. Not only does eliminating these papers make you feel safe, but it’s actually never been easier to do.

Now, professional shredders have a home-shredding service. They’ll come to your door and destroy your sensitive documents right from the street in their mobile shredding truck. For larger volumes, they’ll transport your sensitive material to their facilities where it will be securely destroyed.

Either way, you never have to sort out the logistics of hauling heavy boxes of paper. Professional shredders make peace of mind easy.

Shredding Beyond Paper

You don’t need to be told that most of the data in the modern world is stored on electronic devices. Today’s professional shredders are committed to destroying data in whatever form it takes, and this often means pulverizing the microchips on electronic devices until the data on them cannot possibly be retrieved. 

Devices like smartphones and hard drives are one of the main sources of electronic data, but there could be other devices in your home also storing sensitive info that could be a liability. Professional shredders also destroy hard drives, photocopier and printer memory cards, flash/USB drives, and more.

It doesn’t matter what form the sensitive information takes, today’s professional shredders are there to make sure it’s gone for good, and they’ll do it securely and make it as convenient as possible.

The threats about data security are important to take seriously; they’re real, and being the victim of identity theft can do great financial and reputational damage. But if you take the right precautions, such as hiring professional shredders to reduce the data liabilities in your home, you can get peace of mind and breathe easy.

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