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How many times have you faced the irksome situation of being stuck in a noisy environment with nothing apart from your iPod for company? The noise does not let you enjoy your music in peace and you end up switching the music off out of sheer frustration. Remember that baby who screamed throughout that cross-country flight? That is just one of the innumerable such examples of a noisy background to your peaceful music sessions.

This is where the ATH-ANC33iS In-Ear Headphones with active noise cancelling feature from the QuietPoint series come to your rescue! This great pair of headphones cancels out all that irritating background noise and lets you enjoy only what you want to hear.


The ATH-ANC33iS in-ear headphones come with a tiny microphone in both the earpieces that picks up environmental noise. How it works is that the control-module in the QuietPoint creates this noise-cancelling wave which is 180° out of phase with the external noise. This wave is analogous to an eraser for all that disturbing noise around you.

The microphone in the QuietPoint® has an omni-directional pickup pattern which is designed to provide you with a sharp audio experience. This great headphones from the house of Audio-Technica also comes with a controller for your music and calls.


  • Highly advanced noise-cancellation technology to give you a totally immersive musical experience.
  • Compact design makes it an easy companion for your road-trips.
  • Includes Comply foam tips for a comfortable hearing experience.
  • The In-line microphone that helps you in answering calls without taking the headphones out of your phone.
  • ANC circuitry that gives you a noise-free experience every time.


  • Listen to your favorite music without getting disturbed by unwanted ambient noise from your surroundings.
  • The audio can function without a battery in the passive mode, which is great for long journeys.
  • Compact design of the headphones allows you to carry it everywhere without any hassles.
  • Comfortable foam earphone tips
  • Best value for your money with a reasonable price tag of around 79$.


  • Durability issues: This QuietPoint headphone has some issues with durability, with many complaints from customers regarding this.
  • Compatibility problems: There are some compatibility issues with iPhone 6 and 6s. You should always check for compatibility before buying.
  • Noise-cancellation unit is heavy: The housing unit of the QuietPoint seems to be on the heavier side with a clip-on that is apparently unable to hold its weight for longer periods of time. This proves to be a problem when you want to move around with the headphones by clipping it onto your jacket or dress.
  • Calls getting dropped: There is also a slight issue with calls sometimes getting dropped while talking on these headphones. Though this happens rarely, it is something that the company should look into and improve upon.


All in all, the ATH-ANC33iS of QuietPoint is a good buy if you want a noise-cancelling headphone at a reasonable price. It does have its drawbacks but when you look at some of the other much heavier noise-cancelling earphone in the market right now, this one has its ‘ears’  in the right place.

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