Asus Z801: It’s black, it’s leather and it shines

asus z801

There are a couple of companies with great potentials that never made it to become the big players in the mobile phone industry. Asus is one of them. Just take a look at the Z801, their newest triband GSM phone. Real leather, stainless steel, industrially-strengthened glossy surface are all used to construct this baby. I am sure it will sell, if you stick a SonyEricsson logo on top and flush it with their UI. With dual TFT screens, the Z801 will surely look good in dark. The rest of the functions aren’t shabby either, the camera is a 2 Megapixels CMOS, MP3 ringtones and Bluetooth A2DP profile are all supported. Internal memory is 64MB and you may expand it with microSD cards. The Z801 is over-priced at 530USD in Taiwan today, as a tradition of Asus, don’t expect the Z801 to come out of Taiwan any time soon.

asus z801

asus z801

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