Artisanal Jobs that are hugely sought after

We grow up and go to school with big romantic ideas of what we will do when we grow up. Even after we leave school, we might be able to keep these ideals. But as we get into the working world, we realise that the romantic positions that sound so exciting and we thought would pay so well is not all it is cut out to be. We cast aside jobs that sound less glamorous but when we stop to think about it, there is really no glamour in most of the jobs out there, all of them come with grit, sweat and tears some just involve more grit and sweat that others. The value of having an artisanal skill is huge as these are still largely sought after. Here are a few that you can consider before leaving high school.


Construction and building

For as long as humans continue to increase in numbers, we will continue to have a demand for construction. Whether it be for residential or commercial use, there will be an ongoing need for people in the construction and building sector. To find opportunities in this space, look at the different skills that are required. The skills in construction are numerous and there are really so many jobs you can consider. There are architects, quantity surveyors, and town planners and then there are the more artisanal based jobs such as bricklayers, tilers, painters. Look for training colleges where you can get a certificate iv in building estimating and other similar industry-related skills that will make you employable in the sector.


With construction and general living needs comes the need for plumbing. This is a job that is quite easily done as your own business and while it is generally a job that people frown upon or would rather not do, but for that very reason, it pays well. By understanding how to do plumbing, you can either provide your service to individual residential type jobs or you can join a contract team that is doing a big construction job.  If you pitch for a large contract you need to ensure that you have a team of people who can be on site. This will be much larger than just a one-person job.


The work of an electrician is changing as we go more and more into renewable energy and electricity saving systems. While plumbing systems remain mostly the same, an electrician will need to stay up to date on trends and building laws. This will mean regular courses and qualifications that allow an electrician to do particular work and ensure that it meets standard requirements.


Similarly, to the work of electricians, the mechanic has had to transform from a physical mechanic’s involved job to more technical and computer-based skill. It is important to move with the times as old cars will soon not be in operation and battery-operated cars will be expanding rapidly.

The value of having an artisanal skill and education is huge as these are still largely sought after.

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