Are You Making These Common Cybersecurity Mistakes?

Did you know that a large number of hackers are attempting to targets your intellectual property via cyber attacks? 

Yes, reports of cyber attacks are on a rise since 2018. In  2020, almost every device connected to the internet is vulnerable to a cyber attack. As a smartphone and laptop user, it is imperative to do not make the common cybersecurity mistakes most cyber victims make. If you think cybercrime is just a hoax and not a real thing. Have a look at the chart from Hackmageddon.

Here Are the Common Cybersecurity Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs

1) Assuming Every Link You Come Across on the Internet Is Safe

This is one of the biggest cybersecurity mistakes an individual can make. I know that it may seem very tempting to click on links to an interesting blog post or a discount coupon, but merely visiting an illicit website can make your device vulnerable to attacks. They could direct you to other pages by tricking you into thinking they are legit. No one can stay sharp and aware 100 percent of the time. Hence, you shouldn’t click on random links.

2) Assuming That an Anti-Virus Program Will Protect You Against Every Threat You Come Across

Did you know that hackers are capable of predicting the anti-virus programs you use and build custom malware to attack your system? A hacker or an attacker is fully aware of the pros and cons or strengths and weaknesses of popular antivirus programs. Not a single antivirus program on Earth is robust enough to sustain a custom malware attack. Hence, it is not a smart thing to trust your anti-virus program so much.

3) Not Taking Cyber Security Seriously

You know cybersecurity is a serious issue when the United States government is willing to collaborate with Russia on this matter. An article from TheDailyBeast reveals that the head of Russia’s State Security Service has agreed to work with the United States government to counter cybercrimes like data breach and hacking. As far as an individual is concerned, using the right antivirus software, not clicking on random shady links, and setting a strong and unique password everywhere is more than enough. By taking these steps you are already miles ahead of an average person.

4) Using the Same Password Everywhere

It is not a problem if you use the same password on trusted sites like Facebook, or Twitter. These websites are written in a pragmatic way and they can sustain an attack on your profile. However, if you are using an easy and predictable password on a poorly written or less-known site, you might end up in big trouble. The attacker can hijack your other accounts as well. Hence, it is advised to set a strong and unique password during the signup process.

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It is difficult to generalize how important cybersecurity is. Everything depends on the amount of time you spend online. Someone who checks their mail once a week and doesn’t use technological devices as much is less likely to become a victim. But I guess this is not the case with most people and hence the fuss.

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