Apps to Get the most out of your Android Phone

Android apps

A smartphone is like a best friend of a person. The personal keeper is the storehouse of the information, utilities, functions, and entertainment. In this time, what you should think is to make most of your phone so that you don’t have to look anywhere else. So here are some of the applications to get the most out of your cell phone:-


The instant messenger is the most popular instant messenger in the world. With the help of the whatsapp you can do messaging, calls, video calls and much more. It is a one-stop messenger to complete all your requirements. It also has the privacy features by which you can limit your visibility to the people. You can select the options from the contacts, everyone and none. Also, it is a great medium to share media like the images, documents, videos, audios, etc. So download WhatsApp for free and enjoy these most amazing features online.

Google Duo

There are times when you want to see your loved one or want to do an official video conferencing. Google Duo is a one-stop solution for all your video calling needs. The application performs brilliantly even if there is a slow internet. What’s more in the box is that you can switch the cameras and there is a brilliant video calling quality. There is also a knock-knock feature that ensures you the video of the caller before even picking up the phone.

Google Assistant

This application can make your cellphone run over your commands. All you need to do is install the application and say whatever you want to make cell phone do. You can send a message, make a call, set a reminder and open applications up by saying “Ok Google”. The application is also powered by the Google search engine that would directly open the browser if it doesn’t find anything that you have ordered it to do. Try “coffee recipe” or ask it to tell a joke. It is a great fun to use this application.

WPS Office+PDF

This is your on the go editor which can handle all the documents. Whether it is editing, saving, converting, this application does it all. It can handle all the word, excel, presentation files and you can edit, write or share them on the go. This is a great application that you can use for the editing purposes. So download it now and create your first document.

ES File Explorer

To get the most out of your cell phone you need to keep it managed too. ES file explorer can help you do that really precisely. The application is specially built for managing the android phones where you can sort, merge, delete and do various things with your file. The application single-handedly tells you the space and the other attributes of your memory. The application gives you a better picture of your phone than the inbuilt phone and application manager.

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