Apple releases new iPod games to make listening to music fun

ipod games sudokuTwo new games have just been released for the iPod: Solitaire & Sudoku. These two games seem like obvious choices to add, seeing how solitaire has stood the test of time and how sudoku is a cultural phenomenon in the US. With thousands of different books being published with millions of sudoku puzzles inside, this game is nearly guaranteed high sales with the enormous amount of people who own iPods. Just in case anyone buys Solitaire and is wondering where the game they wanted is, it isn’t called Solitaire, it’s called Klondike. No, this isn’t Apple trying to push their lingo on the world, the game everyone calls Solitaire has a real name of Klondike; it’s just that no one knew about it. So while Apple hasn’t really pushed the functionality of the iPod as a small game playing machine, the capabilities are still there and waiting for you to access them. — Nik Gomez

Apple iPod Games [via The Unofficial Apple Weblog]

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