APC-20000 mobile charger: Pump up your phone battery 20 times more

anytone apc-20000 battery

We cannot live without batteries, just face it, they’re never enough. The laptop has to shut down when you’re engaging in the best IM conversation, the PSP has to go off when you are about to fight the boss, your phone has to die when the call you have been waiting for the whole day arrives. Here’s a little gadget that we spot today, it’s a portable Li-ion polymer battery that is not too big (175x112x24mm 650grams) but carries a megaload of juice: 20000 mAh. For comparison, the largest phones out there usually only carry 1000mAh of juice; and your PSP, a 1800mAh. The voltage here is adjustable from 4.2V to 19V, so it is pretty much compatible with any gadgets you got. The APC-20000 is developed by a small Chinese company that makes battery OEM products for bigger brands, you can pick up one of these at computer malls or online auctions for USD 200 in Hong Kong.

anytone apc-20000 battery

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APC-20000 [Anytone Shenzhen]

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