An Extensive Manual For Selecting a Kamado Cooker

It seems that the realm of outdoor cooking is constantly expanding. Not very long ago, grilling and barbecuing consisted of a few basic strategies that were essentially universal among all who fired up their backyard grills for a nice meal. Today, though, that’s not necessarily the case. Steaks, burgers, and hot dogs are now only a fraction of what can be done on a grill or smoker. In fact, people can create entire meals in the great outdoors, complete with appetizers, veggies, pasta dishes, proteins, and even baked goods and desserts. 

Expanding Your Outdoor Cooking Capabilities

One method that has reached the mainstream is kamado cooking. This cooking style and the appliance for which it’s named first emerged thousands of years ago in Japan. Kamado cookers are traditionally made of some type of clay or ceramic. They’re known for their ability to retain heat and provide even cooking while making efficient use of charcoal or other fuels. Today, choosing a kamado cooker isn’t easy because of the variety of options on the market. Take a look at some of the most highly acclaimed brands. 

The Big Green Egg

One of the most well-known kamado cooker brands on the market is the Big Green Egg. Thanks to its distinct shape and color, it’s easily recognizable. Several sizes are available to accommodate a range of cooking needs. This brand pioneered the commercial kamado cooker market, and it has certainly made a name for itself over the last five decades. Legend has it the company uses state-of-the-art ceramics in its design that were actually developed for NASA. 

This brand is revered for its quality and efficiency. Per true kamado fashion, it retains heat well even in cold weather and windy conditions. Its models feature unique seals designed to keep the elements out while holding smoke, juice, and flavor inside. However, many people feel the company doesn’t offer as many accessories as it should. Its prices are often considered a bit lofty as well.

Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe is also receiving a great deal of attention in its field. Like its closest competitor, the brand offers an array of models for grill masters to choose from. It offers superior heat retention and temperature control. Its models are also equipped with advanced hinges and seals. Those features are said to reduce the weight of their lids and hold in heat better. By design, some Kamado Joe cookers allow for different heat zones. That offers greater cooking versatility.

Some models in the Kamado Joe lineup are more costly than others, but certain ones are considered a bit more affordable than some Big Green Eggs. At the same time, Kamado Joe is said to offer a few more features and a better selection of accessories and add-ons than its counterpart. Some fans are saying that even though Kamado Joe offers more accessories, they’re not really necessary due to the extra built-in features of the cookers themselves. 

Kamado Cooking at Its Finest

Those are the two most highly touted brands in the kamado cooking arena. Each one has its strong suits and offers a variety of models. They’re also comparable in terms of price and quality. Browse the various models available in both lineups to determine which one may be best for specific outdoor cooking needs and expectations. Keep prices in mind as well, as not all kamado cookers come cheap. 

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