All About the Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Exam

If you are planning to become a Docker Certified Associate, the following detailed guide related to Docker Certified Associate exam preparation thus helps you make use of the many exciting career openings in this sector.

What is Docker?

Docker is one of the DevOps pipeline’s most significant and commonly utilized tools. Docker is an enterprise-ready container platform that helps organizations create, distribute, and run the next generation of any application, anywhere. Nearly all organizations containerize their applications to provide quicker deployments into production at any time or sometimes many times a day.


What is the DCA Exam?

Docker skills are very sought-after in today’s job market. Including different models of Docker, such as Docker, Docker Swarm, and Docker Enterprise Edition, the Docker Certified Associate (DCA) certification is provided by Docker. The DCA exam is designed by experienced Docker professionals to verify Docker knowledge with real-world execution related questions. As the first step of the rigorous multi-level professional certification program, the DCA offers the foundation for real global container-driven experience. 

Overview of DCA Exam

Before starting your Docker certification preparation, you would need an overview of the exam. The examination overview gives you an idea of the exact subject areas to be covered while preparing for the exam. You will also be allowed to know how many questions you expect and how many questions you want to base to build preparation for your DCA exam.


There are no prerequisites to take this Docker exam. Docker suggests that candidates should have Docker experience of about 6 and 12 months. They need to understand the Linux kernel, namespaces, and control groups. They also require a good understanding of Linux, including hands-on practice, to take advantage of the Docker training course.

Exam Pattern

DCA exam consists of 55 multiple-choice questions, and aspirants should complete the exam within 90 minutes. DCA exam validates a candidate’s skill set having experience of 6-12 months. The test costs around $195, and there are no free re-tests for this exam. You must complete it in one single take successfully.

Upon completion of your exam, you can receive results instantly from a score report on the test screen, and you will be able to request the result report via an email registered with your Docker ID profile.

Look at these domains with a dominant share of questions to expect – Orchestration (25%); Installation and Configuration, Networking, and Security (15%); Image Creation, Management, and Registry (20%); and Storage and Volumes (10%).

Be focused on such areas because it will provide you with valuable insight into the Docker Certified Associate exam’s goals and will also help you prepare for a DCA exam. You plan to begin the preparation of your DCA Exam on these concepts. Candidates should know the transparent idea on the weighting of the questions for the DCA exam in each of the topic areas.

Guidance to Prepare for DCA Exam on Right Track

Now that you understand the DCA exam, it is crucial to move along the proven route for the preparation of the Docker Certified Associate. It is a highly daunting task while preparing for any exam. But you can still focus on dedication to excellence and advice on the right planning route to achieve the best performance.

  • Expose Yourself to Docker

The first step in the preparation of your DCA exam is to get knowledge on Docker. Applicants should earn at least six months of experience with real-world usage of Docker. It would help if you learned a lot about the usage of containers and multiple usage cases before taking an exam to understand Docker effectively. A DCA exam preparation course is the best way to achieve your goals of Docker’s exposure.

  • Practice in various environments 

From the Docker’s official website, you can continually practice by gaining access to the DCA online course. Such learning not only suggests suitable practice environments but also helps candidates to gain system benefits with multiple clusters. Answering the Docker Certified Associate Exam questions will also benefit your preparation for the exam.

  • Concentrate on Sub-topics more than the Topics

Candidates need to gain experience on sub-topics faithfully and study use cases.

  • Check for the standard of preparation.

It is the time to check your preparation standard after you are all prepared for the Docker Certified Associate exam.

At first, you should take Docker Certified Associate practice tests to experience a real-exam like environment. There are several mock test providers in the market, but selecting one that can benefit you the most is crucial.

Why Take DCA Courses?

Docker is one of the most sought after skills among the various DevOps tools, which generates $100K+ in the USA. Leading organizations, such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and IBM, use Docker throughout DevOps methodologies. It is one of the abilities most sought after by businesses right now.

Since October 2017, the Docker certification is currently serving as a promising benchmark to describe the capabilities of an individual in the field of container technology abilities related to Docker. Now is the right time for anyone to take the DCA exam not only to show their skills but also to improve their Docker knowledge.

The Docker online training course explores Docker’s fundamental values and is compatible with the Docker Certified Associate (DCA) certification body. Also, you will be able to understand Docker and its role in the DevOps life cycle.

What Benefits do Docker Certification Offer?

Professionals who hold this Docker Certified Associate (DCA) certification DCA Certification would be ideally eligible for Docker Enterprise Edition workloads and show the certification logo on their resumes and social media profiles.

Besides, the Docker Certified Professional network at LinkedIn offers unique exposure and welcomes you to certified professional’s events, online certification verification, a pdf certificate, and a logo.

Job roles suitable after gaining a Docker Certified Associate certificate are DevOps engineer, DevOps architect, DevOps consultant, and Release manager.

Final Words

Ultimately, individuals can simplify considerably with accurate details and a definitive learning path for the Docker Certified Associate Exam. Knowing the DCA certification test details and practical preparation guide for the exam help you get a successful score well in the exam.

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