Aiming for TOGAF Certification? Tips You Must Keep in Mind

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The Open Group Architecture Framework or TOGAF certification is a framework for an enterprise architecture that provides an efficacious and efficient way of designing, planning, implementing and administering an enterprise information technology architecture. Once you get TOGAF certified, the world knows that you have the knowledge and skills to create, develop and plan one of the most dependable enterprise architectures. Utilizing the knowledge of TOGAF in the firm, that you work for, you will be able to provide an important and significant contribution towards the development and progression of the firm towards the achievement of its objectives and goals.

The TOGAF certification exam consists of Level 1 –TOGAF Foundation and Level 2 – TOGAF Certified examinations. Please note that in order to get TOGAF certified you require clearing both the examinations. However, if you happen to fail in any one of these two examinations, you can easily write the examination again. But, our goal, from the very beginning, should be to achieve TOGAF certification in the very first attempt. Hence, it is understandable, for that, you require putting in a lot of endeavors. Following are certain tips that you must keep in mind in order to acquire TOGAF certification in your very first attempt.

Tips to Help You in Acquiring TOGAF Certification in the First Attempt

  • Write the Exam in Accordance with the Timings

When you are writing the TOGAF certification exam make sure that you have eyes on the clock as well. Never try to complete the exam in a hurry. Take the exam in accordance with the timings. Level 1 and Level 2 duration is of 60 and 90 minutes respectively. However, if English is not your first language, you can choose ‘English as a Second Language’ (ESL) option to increase the duration of Level 1 and Level 2 examinations to 90 and 135 minutes respectively.

Please note that for Level 1 you require 55% or above to pass and the same goes to 60% for the Level 2 examination.

  • Don’t Just Rely on Self-Study

Self-study is good but merely relying on self-study to clear the TOGAF examination in the very first attempt is extremely difficult. It is ideal that you join a good classroom or an online TOGAF certification training course. By opting for a training course you will be able to receive a lot of study material and mentorship from the best in the field which will aid and assist you in cracking the TOGAF certification examination in your very first attempt.

Moreover, you will get access to a lot of TOGAF exam resources, practice paper and mock tests through which you will be able to know as to where exactly you stand in terms of your preparation and hence, you will be able to identify and recognize the areas of the subject where you are weak and require putting in more efforts.

  • ADM Must Permanently Reside in your Memory

The Architecture Development Method (ADM) is fundamental and the base of TOGAF. Other primary parts of TOGAF acts as a support for ADM. Memorizing ADM is an integral part of your preparation for the TOGAF examination as it turns out to be exceedingly essential in answering a bulk of the questions.

  • Know the Terminology of TOGAF

TOGAF has its own language and terminologies. Hence, it becomes pretty essential for you to learn the definitions and understand the language of TOGAF. If you are not aware of the terms then it will be almost next to impossible for you to clear your TOGAF examination in the very first attempt. This is because the questions set up for the TOGAF examination utilize the language of TOGAF itself.  Hence, understanding of the terminologies of TOGAF is a must for you to tackle the questions.

  • Don’t Put Down Your Interpretations

You might be having a lot of experience in the field of enterprise architecture. But, remember you must not take into account your personal experience while taking the TOGAF certification exam. The examination is set to test your knowledge of TOGAF and there is no scope provided and neither it is expected from you, by the examiners, to refer your personal experience while attempting the examination. All you require knowing is the correct and proper implementation of TOGAF.

  • Don’t get stuck with the TOGAF PDF Documentation in Level 2 Examination

Please note that you can refer the TOGAF PDF Documentation during the Level 2 Examination. It is very common for persons who appear for the TOGAF exam to lose time in reading the documentation. Hence, you must use the documentation to cross-check and analyze your judgment. If you start reading the documentation in an attempt to revise your concepts, you will lose a bulk of the essential time. As a consequence of this, you won’t be able to crack the TOGAF examination in your first attempt.

  • Never spend too long duration on a single question

This is a general tip that you get for all the examinations that you may attempt. The same holds true for TOGAF examination as well. If you are unable to determine the correct answer for a question, you better skip it and attempt the next question rather than wasting your time on that very question. In your efforts to determine the answer of that particular question on which you are stuck, you will lose much of your time and, as a result, you won’t be able to attempt further questions in the examination, for which, you might have determined the correct answer pretty easily.

Final Words

Clearing the TOGAF examination, no matter what is your attempt count is not a child’s play. One requires putting in a lot of dedicated efforts in order to master the concepts of TOGAF and get certified for the same. Hence, before you start preparing for the examination you must mentally prepare yourself that you have to clear TOGAF in your first attempt and are willing to put in the required amount of endeavors for achieving the same.

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