Afternoon Linkage for July 23rd, 2008

I woke up this morning at 7am to a loud doorbell. I walked to the door. There was a police officer there. He handed me a slip of paper that said “HERE ARE YOUR LINKS. ENJOY YOUR DAY, SIR.”

  • Decide how fast you want that bullet flying at that wasp nest
  • That bear on the Snuggle box could very well fuck you up
  • The latest Apple rumor is the Macbook Touch (nice render!)
  • The XM-Sirius merger could very well happen hints an FCC chair
  • Free Zune (if you care)
  • Blu-ray sales are up 300-percent!
  • These are some fly Nikes
  • The Top 5 Batman handheld games
  • Share photos over your cable box
  • John Biggs recommends this thing that cleans up his keyboard, meaning it works extremely well
  • I pity the fool who don’t have no A-Team R/C Van!

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