What Affects Your Internet Speed

Educating yourself on what factors can affect your internet speed is simple with the guidance of this convenient infographic from BlueGadgetTooth. Understand what can influence your internet speed and how to make adjustments to ensure you are receiving optimal results. With so many things that can affect your speed, you don’t have to live with a low quality connection and slow speeds. Learn about each of the ten main factors and see which ones may be responsible for your internet troubles.

The source of your connection, hardware used, presence of spyware, age, capabilities and location of router, the browser used, the capabilities of the host server, your internet service provider, operating system, and traffic on your network can all adversely affect the speed of your internet. As you read about each point, you’ll know if it could be the culprit for your slow speeds. It can be easy to optimize your devices, and upgrading old units can be simple. Doing just a little homework and learning about these factors can give you the knowledge it takes to get your internet running at its fastest. Internet has become a staple of modern life, so don’t let it be more frustrating than it needs to by ensuring you have the fastest speeds.

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