A Users Guide to Internet Slang

Unless you’re a teen who has completely forgotten how to write using the normal English language, then you likely find yourself stumped with internet slang once in a while. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the most often used internet slang and what it means.

· 403     Deny Access To

· AAB     Average At Best

· B2W     Back To Work

· C&P     Copy & Paste

· D/C     Disconnected

·  EFG     Epic Fail Guy

· F2F     Face To Face

· FAMS     Family

· FHO     Friends Hanging Out

· G2H     Go To Hell

· G2R     Got To Run

· H2IK     Hell If I Know

· IAD     It All Depends

· JAM     Just A Minute.

· KHYF     Know How You Feel

· L2MS     Laughing To Myself

· L8TR     Later

· Q4U     Question For You

· SMDH     Shaking My Damn Head

· YGTI     You Get The Idea

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