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Zombie Spock Salutes His Fellow Undead

Greetings fellow zombies. Our leader has spoken. Our orders are the same as they were yesterday and the day before that. Live long and… eat braaaaaiins. A simple command that us zombies will be happy to oblige. OM NOM NOM. If Captain Kirk doesn’t show up for dinner, you might want to notify the proper authorities. Unless you live by ...

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Giant Printer Uses Painball Guns to Create Wall-Sized Prints

The Facade Printer, created by German design group Sonice Development GmbH, is a computer-controlled paintball gun that reproduces wall-sized images on, well, walls. The printer literally shoots the images onto the wall with eagle-eye precision. Now I might be able to finish my giant mural of Zombie Spock without too much trouble. Link [via]

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Traditional Greeting Hoodie: Live Long and Prosper

The cold season is well on its way. It’s about that time of the year where all of us geeky infidels take to the web to go hoodie shopping. The Traditional Greeting hoodie by Threadless is the perfect fall outer garment for both the socialite and geek buried deep down in each and every one of us. When zipped up ...

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How Do You Say UNO in Klingon?

UNO’s a great way to spend an hour or so with a group of friends. For the friendless, there’s always the UNO iPhone app. Unfortunately, the iPhone app forces you to use the standard UNO deck, while there are clearly better options out there. The Star Trek UNO deck includes your favorite characters, all integrated right into the game. Now ...

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