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Joe Satriani Sues Coldplay Over Copyright Infringement

Sucks to be Coldplay, especially when you’re getting your ass sued by Joe Satriani over alleged copyright infringement. Satriani claims that Coldplay’s hit single, Viva La Vida, uses “substantial original portions” of his song If I Could Fly from 2004. Ouch. It’s not looking good for Coldplay, either. I mean, when your own front man has been quoted in the ...

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Coldplay Giving Away New Live Album

Say what you will but some people, myself included, happen to like Coldplay. If it weren’t for us fans, why else would the band decide to give away its new live CD “Left Right Left Right Left.” You can get a CD version for free at their concerts or you can download the entire album on Coldplay’s official website. Music ...

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