8 Important Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Moving Company

Moving home is a big job. But how to ensure your moving day goes as perfectly as possible. Careful research will enable you to select a reliable one. Many companies claim to rank among the best. They offer such high-quality work and a professional attitude that your satisfaction and a trouble-free move are 100 % guaranteed and you would never regret spending money on them. Unfortunately, not all the movers can carry out a smooth relocation due to lack of experience, the proper equipment or the right approach. Despite their honest intentions, they may commit rookie mistakes thus performing the move you were not dreaming about. So to help you choose the best moving company like https://moving-me.com/moving-help-by-hour/, we’ve put together a checklist of the essential questions you need to ask when selecting your mover.

Is it a moving company and not just a broker?

Moving company

Make sure you are not dealing with a broker before clarifying anything more specific and negotiating the conditions of your moving. Moving brokers provide communication and then sell your move to  real professionals. Make sure that you are dealing directly with a moving company to avoid spending extra money and save your nerves.

Has your mover a Registration Number?

All moving companies should have a registration number called a USDOT number (US Department of Transportation Number), with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), If a company only travels within one state, they may not be registered. You can check online with FMCSA.

Is the moving company licensed?

Every trustworthy company should provide you with the appropriate trading certificates. Don’t be shy to clarify. Then you can be sure that your move will be fulfilled without damages and losses.

What level of liability coverage will the company perform?

Your moving company should be insured against any damage to your belongings. Be ready that even though this may not cover the full cost of missing or damaged items. Remember that the necessary liability protection covers only $0,60 per lbs. If you have particularly valuable belongings, you should think about additional moving insurance from a third party to protect your valuables. 

How are the movers experienced?

Many companies hire temporary employees during the peak time. You must understand the risks. Lack of experience can turn into irreparable damages. It can also result in injuries during the moving process. Be careful when choosing a professional and experienced moving team for your relocation.

What’s an Estimate for Cost?

A company estimate must be based on weight if you’re moving long distances. Some companies will charge per hour rate for short distances. Keep in mind that the moving company must give you an estimate in writing and provide you with a copy. There are 3 variants of moving estimates: binding, non-binding and binding not-to-exceed estimate. The estimate should include all charges, and both you and the mover must sign it for it to be an agreement. The estimate must also indicate the method of payment and be dated. 

Are storage facilities available?

If you store your items for a certain period, you need to make sure the facilities will be safe. Check all the information if your movers use a third party’s storage units.

Are There Additional Fees?

Ask about any additional fees. Some companies will charge extra for fragile, large or antique items. Create an inventory list with any of these items and pre-arrange where the truck can park, if there are any stairs or elevators. If there is no free access for a large truck, you may need to have the mover arrange for a shuttle service, which will also cost extra money. Additional costs may also include fuel expenses. 

Any reputable company like https://moving-me.com/ will be able to prove the high quality of their services and the impeccability of their documentation. If your movers intend to do their best to perform a successful move, they will be thoughtful and will ask for any relevant information you might have forgotten to share. Then they will come up with practical tips and suggestions that will help you in preparations. This is the last but very affirmative sign that you have found the best movers for you. Did you see the answers to all these questions when hiring a moving company for your relocation? Share your experience with us!

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