7 Tips For Choosing A Great EBS Consultant

The implementation and integration of new business processes is no small matter. It often requires a level of knowledge that may not be available internally, which is why it’s necessary to depend on the expertise of a consultant. It’s also why leading organizations choose EBS Oracle consulting by CSS when endeavoring to make sound decisions regarding an IT investment. Check out the tips below on how to select a great EBS consultant.

Know your business

1. Amount of EBS Experience

When working with any consultant, it’s important to choose a company that has extensive experience. Let’s face it, not all EBS consultants have the same amount of knowledge. You can often identify their level of expertise by reviewing the company’s website to see if they have proficiency in the area of Oracle implementation.

2. Range of Knowledge

Every organization is different and has unique needs. To identify the capability of an EBS consultant, consider reviewing any case studies available. This will enable you to see the types of implementations they’ve handled in the past. Some consultants are better at partnering with small organizations, while others are proficient at working with large enterprises. This is no small matter because related experience based on the scale of a project can make the difference in whether the implementation is a success or failure.

3. Ability to Meet Business Requirements

Part of the process of an IT implementation is understanding your business needs and being able to communicate them effectively. A knowledgeable EBS consultant can help you with this process. You will also need to figure out if they are able to help you meet those needs. A consultant with this ability will have strong business and technical acumen.

4. Understanding of Your Unique Challenges

It’s not always easy to find the right EBS consultant. However, you can often tell if you have the right consultant by the level of attention to detail they provide during the initial stages. They should be willing to have a comprehensive conversation to understand your needs and how they can meet them. This should include discussions about the process, timeline and return on your investment.

5. Range of Services Available

The number of services you need will not be the same as the services needed by another entity. Your EBS consultant should be able to find the most agile solution that maximizes the outcome and minimizes the impact on your team. The services needed may include customer relationship management, financial services, supply chain management, human resources, project management and logistics, among others.

6. Solutions Offered

It’s always good to start a project with the end goal in mind. In fact, this is a great philosophy to have in all aspects of life. For instance, what do you hope to accomplish with the implementation of new technology? Do you want to be more efficient? Is your goal to be more competitive? Whatever you desire, be sure to communicate it in advance and ensure the consultant you choose is able to help you get there.

7. What’s Involved in the Partnership

Defining the relationship is critical when choosing an EBS consultant. This means understanding exactly how they will help you, including what’s involved in the process. Your consultant should outline their level of commitment and provide a clear roadmap for what will happen throughout the project.

These are all important considerations when choosing an EBS consultant. The decisions made regarding technology can have far-reaching consequences if not handled appropriately. In the event that you find a consultant that does not meet this criteria, you should consider it a red flag. It could very well mean you need to move on.

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