7 Things To Purchase For Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year is just a couple of days away, and the festivity is already in the air. Have you got everything you need to celebrate this festive season? If not, rest assured because now you can shop for everything you need with just a click away!

Temu, a multi-category online market which was launched last year has sitewide deals that will definitely up your game for Chinese New Year shopping. You will get wonderful access to tons of products at incredibly affordable prices!

Whether for personal use or gifts for your loved ones, Temu has it all for you to purchase. Here are some Chinese New Year products that you can buy at Temu.

Floor Mat – to welcome friends and family who come

Will your home become the nest of this year’s Chinese New Year celebration? If so, you can make the guests who come to your family feel more welcome by adorning your house with the festive color floor mat. It won’t only serve as a decoration piece for your house, but hopefully can also help to bless your house with good fortune all year round.

You can find lots of floor mat selections with the Chinese New Year theme easily at Temu. Aside from the cool design, it is also anti-slip! Thus will add extra protection for everyone who comes.

Table Cloth – a boring tablecloth won’t do for CNY

Swap your regular tablecloth with a new one, which is designed with a Chinese character pattern that will be very fitting to be used during the new year celebration! The tablecloth is not only wonderfully looking but is also waterproof and heat resistant. Thus, you don’t have to worry, in case any accident due to food spills happens, your tablecloth won’t be damaged easily! 

On top of being useful, the tablecloth from Temu is also very inexpensive. You won’t have to spend more than $3 for the tablecloth!

Lantern Decoration – for a more pop-up CNY decor

What is a Chinese New Year party without lantern decorations beautifying your house? This will be the ultimate decor that makes your new year celebration look more festive and fitting. Usually, lantern decorations can be expensive to buy in a regular store. Especially if you plan to purchase many to be put around your house. 

But don’t worry, this is not the case if you purchase through Temu. You can have great selections of lantern decorations on Temu’s website and all are not more than $2 each! You can get much more for the decorations, even with a very limited budget.

New Outfit for the Occasion – look good for CNY is a MUST

Need new clothes to celebrate the new year? You’ll get it covered with Temu! Whether a traditional cheongsam or modern embroidery outfit, be it for women, men, or kids, you can find it at an affordable price only at Temu’s app.

Reusable Angbao Holder – to keep the angbao safe and sound

Protect your angbao better with a reusable angbao holder! You can also give this to your kids or nieces, to ensure they can play during the new year without having to worry that their angbao will be scattered around.

Chinese Style Tumbler – for loved ones who never drink enough

Chinese New Year shopping is not only about your personal needs, but finding gifts for your loved one is also important! If you are currently looking for a useful gift, you should purchase the Chinese-style tumbler by Temu.

With this gift, you are not only giving something – but also urging them to start the new year with a wonderful new habit – to drink water more. The tumbler is made from stainless steel, thus it is very reliable for holding your water temperature for a long time!

Ceramic Tableware – the ultimate best gifts for your relatives

Looking for a gift for your aunt who often hosts a dinner at her place? Then, matching ceramic tableware can be the ultimate fitting gift! Check out Temu’s home decor section to find the best ceramic tableware for a gift.

You can get the best deals and promos for Chinese new year shopping only at Temu! Head out to Temu’s website or mobile app now, to check for the current deals and promo program!

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