7 Signs it’s Time to Outsource your Software Development

Bringing your concept to life is no easy feat. There are a lot of moving parts, each demanding specific skills and expertise. You’ve probably heard about the advantages of nearshore software outsourcing, including a high level of expertise, lower costs, and others. But when you’re in the throes of creating a new product, it can be difficult to determine when you can manage all the pieces with an in-house team and when it’s time to outsource to nearshore developers.


If you’re not sure when it’s a good idea to look to alternative services rather than relying on in-house developers, take a look at these seven signs that indicate an outside perspective is the way to go.

1. Your in-house team lacks the skills to complete your projects

Perhaps your in-house team has the requisite experience and skills for certain projects, but the product you’re looking to create demands specific expertise that your developers lack. Or, maybe there’s a specific task you need — QA testing, for instance — that requires a certain degree of specialized knowledge. In either case, nearshore software outsourcing can help fill in the gaps. You’ll be able to find talented professionals who can work independently or with your current team to lend their expertise to the specific tasks you need to accomplish.

2. Your employees are cutting corners

Perhaps your current team is overworked, and certain responsibilities and tasks are falling through the cracks. Whatever the reason, if your in-house team isn’t giving your project the level of attention it needs, it’s probably time to turn to nearshore development companies. Nearshore developers will be dedicated to your project and not be bogged down by other responsibilities and duties, as your full-time developers might be.

3. You’re facing time constraints

Many businesses face tight deadlines, especially when they’re in the startup phase. In those cases, a quick turnaround is essential for getting the organization and product off of the ground. Fortunately, nearshore software outsourcing is often an efficient process. These companies hire dedicated professionals who typically have years of experience turning around projects quickly and reducing your time to market. Plus, given that you’ll be in the same or similar timezone as your nearshore developers, you’ll be able to touch base on projects in real-time since you’ll share working hours.

4. Your budget can’t accommodate an in-house team

It’s expensive to hire and train full-time employees, not to mention pay them salaries and provide benefits. Outsourcing eliminates many of these costs since the time and money it requires to find nearshore development companies is far less than that of hiring individuals. These organizations will also provide equipment and train their developers, meaning you won’t have to. Moreover, the economies of nearshore countries, such as those in Latin America, are not as strong as that of the United States, allowing them to offer less expensive but still high-quality services

5. You’re noticing high turnover

There’s a lot of competition for talented developers, and you may find that your employees frequently tend to leave for other opportunities . There could be other reasons behind high turnover – perhaps employees feel overworked or morale is low. 

These are all reasons why it’s a good idea to turn to a nearshore development services company. You don’t have to worry about people leaving because they’re usually just working with you on a short-term or project basis. If you do decide to hire a team for longer-term projects or initiatives, one developer leaving won’t impact your project too much, as it will be your partner’s obligation to replace him or her. 

6. You’re not able to focus on your own responsibilities

If software development is not your area of expertise, managing your developers is likely taking away time from your more pressing responsibilities. This is especially true if your business is in the startup phase. But through nearshore software outsourcing, you won’t need to be as closely involved in the development process because you’re putting it in the hands of experts. 

The team won’t be on-site, meaning that even if you want to, you won’t be able to micromanage them. However, you’ll always have the chance to check-in virtually to make sure your project is on track. 

7. Your organization is rapidly expanding

It’s a big accomplishment when your business grows, but it also means you need to find more people to tackle all the work. Nearshore development services can alleviate some of this burden by handling complex projects, even temporarily, while you figure out if you need and can accommodate more full-time employees.

On the other hand, if it seems like your business is stagnating, it could mean people have too much on their plates. This, too, is a reason to outsource: your partner can assume many of the responsibilities that are spreading your workers too thin.

Nearshore software outsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular avenue for all types of organizations. There are numerous advantages to choosing this option over using onshore and in-house developers. If one or more of these signs apply to your organization, it’s probably time for you to outsource software development.

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