7 of the Coolest Eco Gifts to Give in 2015

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your nature loving friend, or a fun but educational gift there are some really cool eco-friendly gifts out there. Below are 7 of (what we think are) the coolest Eco Gifts currently available.

Potted Herbs

These days if you live in a city almost everything you buy comes from a store, especially when it comes to food. The gift of a potted herb is the perfect way to help people feel like they are connected back to nature, while making their cooking taste fresher than ever. They are easy to maintain, fun to have, and can bring a lot more personality to their kitchen as well.

Organic Farm Playset for Kids

Giving your kids the right kinds of toys can help influence them and give them perspective on different things going on in the world. An organic playset is a great way to take them back to the basics of playing with something that encourages them to work with nature and creativity, as opposed to sitting in front of an electronics screen all day long. We got this great idea from Linda at Little Doves, who recently gave this present to celebrate a christening.

Ecosystem in a Globe

Giving an ecosystem in a globe is a fun way to bring a little more of the outdoors into someone’s home. The best part about watching something thrive inside of a glass ball is the fact that it isn’t messy, is very beautiful, and requires little effort for someone to enjoy natural scenery from anywhere they want to.

Chia Pet

Chia pets have been around for quite a while now, but nevertheless they remain popular and wanted by nature lovers. These days there are chia pets of all different characters and shapes, which makes it easier to give a more customizable gift to someone if you know what sort of things they like. It is also very satisfying to watch something grow from scratch, and people enjoy being able to trim their chia pet to their liking as well.

Outdoor Wildlife Camera

No matter where you live, wildlife is often one to show up at some point. Giving someone the gift of an outdoor wildlife camera is a great way for them to capture some of their very own footage to view and share with friends or family, and to see what exactly is living in their own backyard. These cameras often blend in with the surrounding environment and are triggered by motion to capture even the fastest of critters on the go. Wrap it up in some eco friendly gift packaging and you’ll have the perfect gift for wildlife lovers!


In order to bring more birds into your backyard, they must feel invited to the area. Giving someone a birdhouse as a gift is a great way to make a space livelier and see what sorts of birds live in that particular environment. People love to be able to place a birdhouse outside windows they sit near, because bird watching is extremely soothing and exciting at the same time.


Even though most people have binoculars, there are some that are far better than others. If you are looking for a gift for someone who often spends time outdoors, a new fined tune set of binoculars could be the perfect thing. These can be used for a number of things including bird watching and outdoors sporting events that they might attend.

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