6 Upgrade Ideas for your Bathroom on a Budget


The bathroom is one of the focal points of your house. A glamorous bathroom gives an instant positive impression of your home. If you’re not in a position to remodel your entire house, giving your bathroom a facelift can achieve that breath of fresh air that you’re yearning for.

The resale value of the house also hikes significantly with a state of the art bathroom.

Renovating your bathroom does not have to cost a fortune. There are several changes that you can make with an average budget and achieve splendid results. Here are some ideas that you can work with:

Don’t remove everything

Consider all the components in your bathroom. Bathtub, toilet, sink, counter tops, shelves, drawers, shower head, floor/wall covering and so on. Do you really have to get rid of it all? Not at all.

Some of that vintage stuff can stay; old can be gold in this case. Remember some of that old-fashioned stuff can be expensive to remove, such as the tiles that could have layers of concrete in them. Consider leaving some of them intact and letting them blend in with the new fixtures.

Maximize on space

One of the most effective ways of utilizing limited space is by fixing the sink and the storage facilities at the corners. The storage facilities here can be shelves, cabinets or drawers. This will enable you to leave free space at the middle of the bathroom for easy movement.

Ample storage space also ensures the bathroom is free from clutter, making it even more spacious.

Remove the tub

If you have a tub that you hardly ever use, you may as well get rid of it. An average bath tub occupies a space of 5 by 2.5 feet; a space that you can utilize more appropriately with a shower head.

This can be achieved without having to reroute the plumbing. It is always advisable to have minimal alterations on the plumbing, especially when working on a tight budget.

Add some luxury

Add at least one high-end material or fixture. It could be a decorative light, counter top, oval vessel sink or floor/wall covering. This particular component will instantly draw attention when one gets into the bathroom, giving a glamorous impression.

The mention of a high-end material may repel you considering your budget, but not all cost an arm and a leg. Do your research and you’ll discover that some are within reach, and the result will be well worth the effort.

Keep it dry

Go out of your way to keep the bathroom dry. A wet and moist bathroom is hardly attractive, no matter how stylish it is.

In addition, the possible mold and mildew will cause damage especially to the wooden components. Large windows do a good job of letting out the moisture; if you have them in the first place.

If the wall space only allows for a small window, consider fixing louvers. Alternatively, you can install a fan venting to the outside of the house.

Make use of mirrors

Reflective surfaces make spaces appear larger and brighter. Your bathroom is no exception. There is a wide range of stylish mirrors in the market that come in all shapes and sizes.


Other than the conventional mirror above the sink, you can have full length mirrors on walls, have them fixed on the cabinets and so on. As far as mirrors are concerned, feel free to let your creativity run wild. Make your bathroom an exclusive space where you can relax and unwind after a long hectic day.

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