6 Travel Apps For Smartphone

Just as the weather, starts to improve many people begin to think about their travel plans and the relaxing time they will have on vacation. Although it seems like it will be months until you get to leave as the time draws near, there are so many things to remember. This little guide discusses some of the best travel apps available for Smartphone. This can help you remember some of those things you forgot last year.

1. The number one app appearing on many travel sites is Tripit. You can become your very own travel agent and see as many or as few of the sights, you want. It really is quite simple. A quick registration, an email address, then forward any important travel data you have, such as a confirmation or reservation you receive to their website. This snappy little app will do everything else, including preparing your complete itinerary with your maps. For those needing to make reservations, Tripit finds the best flight, hotels, and rentals using Kayak. Free.


2. As the time gets closer, the excitement builds and you will find this app quite handy. Simply enter your destination, season, number of days, and travel numbers. Then Packing Pro will tell you all the essentials you need to take. It will also tell you the total weight of your luggage to make sure you do not exceed weight limits. It will also come in handy on the way home to let you know if you bought too many treasures. The app also coordinates with your iOS cloud to make it easy working from MacBook directly to iPhone or iPad. $3 on iOS.

Packing pro

3. When traveling out of the country, money can certainly be an issue. Currency Converter offers a clever, up-to-date exchange rate for more than 180 currencies around the world. This free app will even tell you what the item would cost you back home. Additionally, the iOS version gives you international fees and the Android version graphs the strength. Free.

Currency convertor

4. No one plans to get sick or have an accident. However, if you plan to be out of the country the Find-ER can help you find the closest hospital anywhere in the world. Additionally, this app will even tell you the fastest way to get there, whether walking, driving, or biking. You can also store all your medical information and emergency contacts, including allergies and medications you take. This helps medical professionals take care of you. Free on iOS.

Finder app
5. Another free yet necessary app that utilizes Google technology without the name is Translator You will find it difficult to talk about what you need to someone who does not understand your language. It will also help you improve writing grammar. Even if all you need is directions to the nearest McDonald’s translations can get rather confusing. This free app can figure out words and phrases in 64 languages, even typing them in the right alphabet so you can show the person what you need. This is important if you plan to leave the country for vacation.

Language translator

Wherever you decide to go on vacation, just remember this is a high tech world and what you need is always within your reach. Have a great trip and send postcards.

6. Apps for sharing your travel experience on the blog

Blogging is defined as the discussion on a world wide web with entries displayed in almost the reverse chronological order. The posts which are latest are displayed first. Earlier the blogs were just confined to a single person but now blogging is multi author and has taken the form of micro blogging which comprises of millions of bloggers. Blogging is immensely popular not only among the youngsters but also several activists, movie stars, politicians and many more. There have been numerous applications formulated to cater to the blogging needs of the Smartphone users. Especially iPhone which is considered to be the leader in the world of smartphones has numerous Blogging applications which fascinate the bloggers to cater to their blogging in an effective way.

Some of the best and the most popular blogging applications are as follows:



WordPress is the most popular and simplest to use application which facilitates the bloggers to blog their minds in the most fascinating manner. This application caters to the requirements of the bloggers to blog in their videos, audios and photos just with a simple click. This application is a boon for the bloggers who move around distances and are likely to indulge into live blogging. This applications also consists of categorizing of each post published which makes it easy for both the bloggers and the people who follow the blog as they can easily locate the blog posts of their interest. WordPress is undoubtedly the hot favorite and well known to all the iPhone users.



Blogger is again one of the most popular iPhone blogging applications giving a tough competition to all the other blogging applications. If a user has multiple blogs to cater to, then there is no blogging application as perfect as Blogger. This application enables the user to upload videos, audios and photos just with a click. This application is invariably free of cost which adds to its popularity tenfold. Besides this, the application also has facilities such as tagging, locations, links, categories etc. which helps the blogger to refine the blogging experience.

Blogging is not only a way to communicate with the rest of the world and present the ideas but also it is a means of livelihood for the bloggers who are paid for the blogging. The iPhone indeed is one of the most effective ways to blog as it not only has a wonderful interface but also it allows several facilities which are otherwise not available on the laptops and personal computers. If you are using iPhone for blogging then make sure you get your gadget insured so as to use it without any worries. It is very important to have a safety cover over your precious iPhone in this busy life of today. Insurance cover for iPhone is easy to find these days. You can look for it online and get your iPhone insured sitting at home. Make your life easy with iPhone and iPhone insurance and blog without any worries.

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