6 Mobile Phone Apps That Prevent Distracted Driving

6 Mobile Phone Apps That Prevent Distracted Driving

Any car accident attorney can inform you that distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents in America. And it is no surprise mobile phones are the greatest distraction on the road. But did you know you can use mobile phone apps to prevent distracted driving and help you get home safely? Read on to learn about six mobile phone apps that prevent distracted driving.

Mobile Phone Apps That Prevent Distracted Driving

1. SafeDrive

SafeDrive is a great app that allows you to “Drive.Earn.Play”. It is pretty simple to operate and offers rewards to drivers who follow the rules by not using their phones while on the road. As soon as you accelerate past six mph, the SafeDrive app will switch your phone to “boring mode.” The idea is to let your phone stay in that mode for the entire duration of your journey. 

If at any point you deactivate the mode, then you will lose points. On the other hand, if you reach your destination with the mode still on, you will gain more redeemable points in different ways.

2. TextNinja

Just like SafeDrive, TextNinja provides incentives to drivers who abide by the no-texting while driving rule. It helps drivers maintain their attention on the road by silencing notifications, sending automated responses, giving you Bluetooth access to your car, and offering rewards if you drive without distractions. What makes it even more fun is the competitive nature that allows you to make it to the top of the leaderboards

3. DriveSafe Mode

For parents who want to ensure the safety of their driving teenagers, installing this app is the first step you should take. This app allows you to activate it on your teenager’s phone and sync it to your account. The app will work by alerting you any time the driver uses their phone or deactivates the app. It also allows you to lock the phone completely.

4. LifeSaver

Imagine an app that gives you iTune rewards while still keeping you safe from distracted driving! That is precisely what LifeSaver does. It blocks any phone usage as you drive and notifies parents once their children safely get to their destination. As soon as you start driving, LifeSaver locks the phone. It also alerts parents any time their child unlocks their phones while driving. 

5. Live2Txt

If you are an Android user, Live2Txt might be the best app for your driving needs. This app allows you to block any incoming calls and texts to prevent distractions while you are on the road. What’s more, it will enable you to customize your responses to your desired text rather than an automated one. Although its features allow you to block calls or texts selectively, it is best to block both.

6. Text No More

Here is yet another app that offers excellent incentives for not using your phone while driving. This app is pretty simple. It works by awarding coupons for any text blocked while driving. For free users, the coupons may be any small item based on the number of texts. Once you upgrade your app membership, you become eligible to receive great prices on things like laptops and iPhones. If you can’t avoid phones for your safety, a brand new laptop should surely be something!

It’s All About Discipline

Although these apps will help you prevent distracted driving, it is necessary to remember that discipline is the key to road discipline. Do not rely solely on an app for your safety. Follow all the traffic rules, avoid using electronics, and respect your fellow road users. 

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