6 Dangers Of Instagram; One Solution To Save Your Teens!!!

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In a Piper Jaffray semiannual survey, teens were asked about their favorite social network and almost one-third of them reported the photo-sharing app Instagram as their most used social network. The results show that teens today are abandoning traditional social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter for Instagram. But is this a better option? Evaluate yourself after having a look at the 6 major dangers of Instagram.

  1. Information shared over the site is not private by default. Anyone having the Instagram account can view it if you haven’t adjusted your settings to keep keep strangers from viewing the posted content.
  2. Instagram is available exclusively on mobile devices that can often be left to far less scrutiny than desktop and laptops. The handiness of these devices makes teens more prone to using this application in ways unbeknown to their parents.
  3. The app instigates issues such as unsatisfied self-image issues or competition for online attention among teenage girls.
  4. Using the posted photos people can track your location. The scenario stands true for situations where images are captured with digital timestamps and built in GPS locations.
  5. Your teen can be trapped through this app and become friend with a stranger-danger as the app doesn’t have the strict verification procedure.
  6. Filtering of content posted is not possible so your teen can post explicit material too. This will not only harm their digital reputation, but will leave a bad impact on their psychological health as well.
  7. Parents who follow their children through social media will be able to see the friends they associate with and determine if they are accessing material or sharing ideas which would be inappropriate.

How can you stop them from using such apps?

Be a tech-savvy parent and use the parental control app like FamilyTime to keep an eye on the apps your teens use.

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This app lets you:

  • View the complete list of apps installed in your teens phone/tablet.
  • Blacklist any app you find inappropriate and restrict them from using it.
  • Check their app usage frequency to see how much time they spend on each app.

Don’t regret later and download this app for free on your iOS or Android phone. You can even download this app in a jiffy from the buttons below:

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