6 Cool Gifts for your Graduating Sibling

Graduations are fun and festive. Someone is reaching a milestone. Someone is stepping into a new world of duties, whether that is high school, college, or the working world.

Graduations are emotional, especially if one of your siblings is receiving a diploma or a degree. There is so much emotion involved. So many years of togetherness.


You notice a sibling’s life closely and watch them grow, so while they are celebrating a life event, it is important to gift them something that will last for a long time, be useful and extremely personable.

Materialistic and luxurious gifts are easy to give but it’s hard to gift something that means a lot, and is a part of your sibling’s day-to-day life, serving a purpose.

Sometimes, receiving a graduation gift feels more meaningful than receiving an actual diploma because it is personal. It makes one feel appreciated and rewarded by their loved ones. Below, you will find the most unique, heartfelt graduation gifts to buy for your sibling!

1. TakeFlight Tactical Pen

Does it totally freak you out that your sibling is moving on to a new stage of life? Whether he or she is older or younger, it’s always scary to watch a sibling graduate and move on. That’s why the tactical pen is a much-needed gift. And a rare one.

The TakeFlight Tactical Pen is the reason why you should never judge a book by its cover. On the surface, it just looks like a really cool pen. However, this is more than just a cool pen. It is the coolest, most glorious pen out there.

This Tactical Pen can be used as a ballpoint pen, glass breaker, LED flashlight, and a bottle opener. This pen is most known for its self-defense mechanism. The pen has a tip that can be used to break the glass during an emergency escape.

Whether your car is jammed, or an attacker is cornering you in a closed room, this pen will come to your rescue. But, the best part about this pen is its discreteness. Just clip it onto your backpack and you’re all set.

The company that manufactures this pen is owned by a U.S. military veteran who wanted to give people a chance to feel safe, no matter where they go. This pen is an amazing gift for a sibling who might need some sort of self-defense weapon, and also just an awesome pen to write with. What a cool gadget!

2. Personalized Leather Journal

Learning how to live in the moment is difficult in the tech-driven world that we live in today. It’s almost impossible to find time to ditch our phones and computers, and just sit. But, you might be surprised how many old souls there are among the younger generations. Journals allow you to just sit and write your thoughts out.

Specifically, this Customized Leather Journal sold by the company – Fun Idea. It is a travel size journal, so wherever your sibling might be off to, it can come along with them. Each one can come in either dark brown or wine color.

The cover is customizable, with 4 patterns and 10 fonts to choose from. If your sibling loves to write, draw or scribble, this is the gift for them.

Each journal comes with a stack of Lined, Blank and Kraft paper. The variety of paper styles gives more choice as to what you want to fill the notebook with. When one stack fills up, it is easy to remove and replace it with another.

Your sibling might want to capture each moment of this next stage of life. Graduations lend new experiences, and this customized leather journal can help them document those experiences.

3.  Personalized Graduation Glass

This 16oz Pub Mixing Glass is a practical and personal gift. Everyone always needs a good glass to drink from and since this one is customizable, it makes it an even better gift. Sometimes, you just want to sit at home with an artsy looking cup filled with whatever your heart desires, and relax.  It feels cozy and satisfying.

Each glass is laser engraved with a customized message. This product is superior to most others in the industry because it does not screen print onto the cup. Every word is engraved, ensuring that they will not fade over time.

If your little brother still feels like a 10-year-old to you even though he just graduated high school, we know how you feel. Or if your older sister is achieving all of the goals that she set for herself since she was in middle school, show her how proud you are.

Buy a glass and customize a message with meaning. Tell your little brother that he will always be your baby bro. Tell your older sister that you strive to be like her.

No matter the message that you compose, your sibling will be sure to get great use out of this cup. They can travel with it to wherever life takes them and always be reminded that you got it for them.

4. Kool8 Water Bottle

Everyone knows what it’s like to have plastic water bottles abduct their entire room. Everywhere you look, there’s another half-drunk water bottle mocking you. But don’t worry, you’re not alone on this one.

In fact, in a recent review, one that praises the Kool8 tremendously,  it also highlighted that in 2018, the average American used 167 plastic water bottles. That’s why the Kool8 is a great gift for a graduate! As they continue on a new path, they can start using a reusable water bottle and start becoming responsible for the environment. 

The Kool8 will save you from this disposable water bottle epidemic. Buying a reusable water bottle is important on both an individual scale and a collective one. The Kool8 is eco-friendly and socially-conscious.

With each purchase, 20 percent of the profit is used to help deliver clean water to countries with a less effective water system. So each time you buy one, you know that you are helping to create healthier, better lives around the world.

The Kool8 can keep liquids freezing cold for up to 12 hours, and the same goes for hot beverages. The fact that it can be used for both hot and cold liquids and work effectively is a game changer.

The water bottle is designed to seal in the liquid without allowing any coldness or heat to escape the bottle. This is done by creating double-walled vacuum insulation, a feature that no one other water bottle has.

Each water bottle comes in different colors, with 5 choices to choose from. Whether you want a subtle color, like grey, or a bright, flashy one like red, the Kool8 has it all. This water bottle will become your best friend and your number 1 fan. In fact, according to Cool Things Chicago, it’s the best water bottle of 2019!

In the review mentioned earlier, not only was the Kool8 applauded for its help with decreasing the use of disposable water bottles, but it was also praised for its modern beauty and various abilities, including its built-in tea infuser. The Kool8 is unparalleled in the water bottle industry and is a gift that will endure forever. 

5. Personalized Snow Globe 

Snow globes never get old. They are just little balls of memories. Whether you picked one up while vacationing in Europe, or got it right down the road from your house, they always serve as little reminders. Each time you look at it, it brings you back to the place that you bought it at.

Now, for less than $30, you can actually customize a snow globe, pocketing precious memories into a little ball.

This Personalized Snow Globe by Printed Perfection is double-sided, allowing your customization to be seen from either side of the globe.

Each snow globe comes with a customized caricature that you choose when ordering the product. It couldn’t be any easier. Simply write in the text that you want, and choose which type of caricature. This gift is made meticulously and methodically.

Each one is carefully gift-wrapped upon arrival and put into a gift box. It is an artful gift with silky flakes of snow and a touch of glitter.

No matter where your sibling is, he or she will always be able to peer into this dazzling little globe and remember that special day.   

6. Custom Star Map  

Each day, memories are built. Unforgettable moments build everlasting memories. Unfortunately, sometimes memories fade. A star map can serve as a constant reminder of that special day and can keep those memories alive forever.

At Twinkle in Time, you can create a custom star map that shows you exactly how the sky looked on that special graduation day. As you watch your sibling walk up to the podium and receive his or her diploma, you know that neither of you will ever forget this moment. You can constantly appreciate this day with a custom star map.

The Star Map is printed onto high-quality paper and includes a customized message. This is one of the best graduation gifts because not only does it serves as a reminder of their graduation day, but it also allows them to display it so they can share that moment with others.

The Star Map is original and specialized. Buy one for your sibling and give them the chance to never let those memories fade. You can also get it framed so that your sibling can carry it and hang it in their bedroom or living room, wherever they go.    

We hope that one of these 6 gifts will be the lucky winner. Each one will be cherished forever, whether it’s a customized one, or something that you felt was unique. The best part is that each one is travel sized, allowing your sibling to bring it along, no matter where they end up. 

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