500,000 Pages of The New Yorker: Should last you the year


The New Yorker isn’t exactly the most exciting publication on the planet, those of you who are fanatics about your city and state, or just a plain fan of The New Yorker style, will appreciate this new portable hard drive containing every single issue. This seems a tad overbearing for our needs, but fans of the periodical will surely be in heaven.

80 years, 4,164 issues, over 500,000 pages. Sardined into a pocket sized USB drive. For $159, you can’t beat the price for the volume of pages to read that you receive. Remember a specific article from the 80’s that you loved, but can’t seem to remember which issue it was in? No need to go hunting through your attic. The indexing system supplied with the drive makes a simple search interface which will guide you to any article subject of your choosing. The New Yorker drive is available now. — Andrew Dobrow

Product Page [Levenger, via EverythingUSB]

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