5 Ways to Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

energy efficient

Reducing your firm’s energy consumption is an easy way to boost profits.

Far from being a one-dimensional and romantic notion, slashing energy usage can also cut your carbon emissions and put your organisation a step ahead of the competition.

Indeed, according to the Carbon Trust, most businesses can cut their energy spend by around 10 per cent by introducing a range of easy efficiency measures.

Whilst some require a little investment to get started, savings will soon offset the initial costs and your firm will be well on its way to lessening its impact on the environment.

Need some ideas to get started? Read on for five ways to make your business more energy efficient.

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

If your business runs on electricity or gas, or a combination of both, it’s important to ensure you’re not paying over the odds. Beware, however, that electricity is more expensive than gas, so it may be worthwhile forking out for new gas connections in an effort to keep your overheads down.

Remember to Unplug

Whether you sell carpets in Chichester or furniture in Felixstowe, you’ll likely use a variety of electronic devices on a day-to-day basis. Startlingly, office electronics can be responsible for up to 30 per cent of total energy consumption, so make sure they’re used efficiently and turned off at night.

Keep an Eye on Your Heating

It’s no secret that keeping your business heated can drain a lot of energy. Consequently, it’s important a small premises isn’t warmer than a tropical rainforest, which can be achieved by regulating the temperature to ensure it’s not uncomfortably balmy.

Improve Your Insulation

To stop conserved heat leaking from the building, your premises must be insulated and draught-proofed. These may be in place already, but you’d be surprised how they can be improved. Indeed, by simply sealing an external door, it’s enough to cut £20-£40 from your monthly energy bill.

Turn Off the Lights

Unless you prefer working by candlelight, it’s inevitable your firm will consume a large amount of energy lighting the premises. However, when not in use, you must ensure lights are turned off, as switching off a single 65 watt fluorescent fitting for just 30 minutes can save you around £4 a year.

While the measures above are far from comprehensive, they should give your business a solid foundation for cutting its energy usage AND reducing its carbon emissions for years to come.

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