5 Uses for Brass in an Art Studio

Deciding to use brass as the main element of your artwork is an exciting and creative process. Brass is a beautiful alloy made from copper and zinc and is one of the most widely used alloys. Brass artworks date back to 500 BC and should not be confused with bronze, bronze is also a copper alloy but it is mixed with tin instead of zinc. Brass has long been revered for its high aesthetic value and shiny gold coloring. Below are 5 fantastic ways to use brass in your art studio:

Uses for Brass in an Art Studio

1. Painting Brass

Once you’ve chosen your brass sheet and cut it to your desired size there are several different ways to paint it. The easiest way to paint brass is by using high-quality spray paint or acrylic paint. Clean the brass surface thoroughly before applying a primer, the primer will ensure that the paint adheres to the metal surface. There are quite a few techniques and painting ideas that you could try, you just need to pick your favorite.

2. Brass Casting

Melting brass is a complex process but casting it is considerably easier. To cast brass into various shapes requires a few key items like rubber, clay, sand, corn-starch, and cold water. All of these items are available from your local home improvement store. Make sure you get yourself some heat-safe clothing, gloves, and a decent pair of tongs. These items are expensive but necessary, especially if you want to start an art business.

3. Brass Lampshades

Hammering on brass is an incredibly satisfying process and it textures particularly well when compared to other alloys or metals. Turning and hammering a brass sheet into a lampshade is the perfect way to create a practical and unique piece of useable art.

4. Brass Sculptures

Brass sculptures are made by using various techniques to create a wide range of brass art. Brass sculptures can be abstract and wonderfully geometric to inject a sense of dynamic bliss into your art studio. Round off and polish your brass sculptures for a more modern appeal. Brass sculptures can be made in a range of different shapes and sizes to suit your artistic personality.

5. Folded Brass Art

Folded brass art makes for great wall décor and can be made to suit almost any interior design style. By cutting, layering, and folding your brass sheets. Folded brass can be made into many different artworks for an instant touch of metallic glam and it can even be used to make brass jewelry pieces for wearable art. Contemporary folded brass art can be made from relatively inexpensive sheets and transformed into high-value pieces of incredible art.

The most important thing to remember when working with brass in your art studio is to make sure that you relax and have fun, art is meant to nurture your soul and not stress you out. Don’t try and force your creative energy, instead, you should let it flow forth freely – this is the key to creating impressive works of art.

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